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A Vector Math library for 2D and 3D applications.

Utilities to help with Dart source code generation. Includes utilities for properly generating String literals from any String value.

Runtime library for protocol buffers support. Use to generate dart code for your '.proto' files.

PEM encoding/decoding of textual keys following RFC 7468, supporting both lax/strict-mode, and certificates chains of concatenated PEM blocks.

Utilities for building and parsing URIs, including support for parsing URI templates as defined in RFC 6570.

List of all HTTP methods registered with IANA as list of strings, and metadata such as whether a method idempotent.

Encoder and decoder for a canonical JSON format, useful when cryptographically hashing or signing JSON objects.

A package:build compatible builder for generating request routers for the shelf web-framework based on source annotations.

A widget, that visualises a tree structure, where a node can be any widget.