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Flutter Favorites

Some of the packages that demonstrate the highest levels of quality, selected by the Flutter Ecosystem Committee


Flutter plugin for Firebase Cloud Messaging, a cross-platform messaging solution that lets you reliably deliver messages on Android and iOS.


Toggle Switch - A simple toggle switch widget. It can be fully customized with desired icons, width, colors, text, corner radius etc. It also maintains selection state.


A feature-rich audio player for Flutter. Loop, clip and concatenate any sound from any source (asset/file/URL/stream) in a variety of audio formats with gapless playback.


A Dart library for accessing common Win32 APIs using FFI. No C required!

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Most popular packages

Some of the most downloaded packages over the past 60 days


Flutter plugin for getting commonly used locations on host platform file systems, such as the temp and app data directories.


A Flutter Geocoding plugin which provides easy geocoding and reverse-geocoding features.


Utilities for handling media (MIME) types, including determining a type from a file extension and file contents.


Flutter plugin for Firebase Auth, enabling Android and iOS authentication using passwords, phone numbers and identity providers like Google, Facebook and Twitter.


This package provides a library that performs static analysis of Dart code.


Flutter plugin for Google Analytics for Firebase, an app measurement solution that provides insight on app usage and user engagement on Android and iOS.

Top Flutter packages

Some of the top packages that extend Flutter with new features


Flutter plugin for Cloud Firestore, a cloud-hosted, noSQL database with live synchronization and offline support on Android and iOS.


A Flutter plugin for controlling the camera. Supports previewing the camera feed, capturing images and video, and streaming image buffers to Dart.


MobX is a library for reactively managing the state of your applications. Use the power of observables, actions, and reactions to supercharge your Dart and Flutter apps.


A plugin for barcode scanning support on Android and iOS. Supports barcodes, QR codes, etc.


Customize Flutter's default white native splash screen with background color and splash image. Supports dark mode, full screen, and more.


Utilities for working with English words. Counts syllables, generates well-sounding word combinations, and provides access to the top 5000 English words by usage.

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Top Dart packages

Some of the top packages for any Dart-based app or program


A model for web server middleware that encourages composition and easy reuse.


A parser for YAML, a human-friendly data serialization standard


A cookie manager for Dio, which supports persistent cookies in RAM and file.


A dart implementation of the famous javascript library 'jsonwebtoken' (JWT).


Package to make Geocode requests. It exposes two methods to translate coordinates into locations and addresses into coordinates.


A client library for authenticating with a remote service via OAuth2 on behalf of a user, and making authorized HTTP requests with the user's OAuth2 credentials.

Package of the Week

Package of the Week is a series of quick, animated videos, each of which covers a particular package

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