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Flutter Secure Storage provides API to store data in secure storage. Keychain is used in iOS, KeyStore based solution is used in Android.
A universal barcode and QR code scanner for Flutter based on MLKit. Uses CameraX on Android, AVFoundation on iOS and Apple Vision & AVFoundation on macOS.
Yet another pageTransformer for flutter with null-safety support
A Flutter plugin for generating sign-in buttons for different social media accounts.
A time picker widget that can select both minutes and hours. Fork from flutter_duration_picker.
This library allows you to do a Device Firmware Update (DFU) of your nrf51 or nrf52 chip from Nordic Semiconductor. Fork of flutter-nordic-dfu.
This plugin enables a device to be set into peripheral mode, and advertise custom services and characteristics.
Material Design charting library for flutter. Forked from google/charts.
A common library for charting packages. Forked from google/charts.
A Flutter package for scanning BLE data in central mode.