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UPI Payment QRCode Generator for User to scan and pay the Payee specific amount or user specific amount.

UPI Payment QRCode Generator. #

This Plugin mainly focus on the generation of UPI Payment QRCode, so that the user can scan the QRCode for paying the specific amount of money using UPI.

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UPI Payment QRCode without amount specifiedUPI Payment QRCode with amount specified

Features #

Use this plugin in Flutter app too:

  • Make a UPI Payment to a Payee of specific amount of money by scanning the QRCode generated by this plugin.
  • You can generate a UPI Payment QRCode without entering specific amount, so that user can pay the amount they want to send.

Platform Support #


Installation #

In the dependencies: section of your pubspec.yaml, add the following line:

        upi_payment_qrcode_generator: <latest_version>

Getting Started #

Step 1

Import the Package:

import 'package:upi_payment_qrcode_generator/upi_payment_qrcode_generator.dart';

Step 2

Create UPIDetails Object.

final upiDetails = UPIDetails(upiID: "UPI ID", payeeName: "Payee Name", amount: 1);

Here, UPIDetails contains requires a set of properties where,

  • upiID value is required we need to pass the UPI ID or Virtual Payment Address(VPA) e.g 712534798@paytm
  • payeeName value is required, pass the payeeName or the Business Name
  • amount value is optional, if amount has value then the user cannot change the amount while transferring else the user can send the amount as per the user required.
  • transactionID value is optional, Transation ID is generated by the payment Service Provider. NOTE: Transaction ID has to be unique in each transaction otherwise, transaction results in Payment Failed
  • transactionNote value is optional, This is specially for the note you want to send while transferring the amount.
  • currencyCode value is optional, Default value is INR

NOTE: UPI Transaction will operate only in INR.

Step 3

Include this widget in you Widget Tree

UPIPaymentQRCode(upiDetails: upiDetails, size: 200,),

Here, UPIPaymentQRCode contains requires a set of properties,

  • upiDetails value is required we need to pass the UPI Details
  • loader value is optional, default will be CircularProgress Loader in case you need to change you can use this loader attribute to have a customised loader
  • noBarcodeWidget value is optional, to handle barcode generation noBarcodeWidget is used.

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UPI Payment QRCode Generator for User to scan and pay the Payee specific amount or user specific amount.

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