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Implements Windows UI in Flutter. Based on the official documentation

4.6.2 #

  • Fix Urdu localization (#849)

4.6.1 #

  • Fix incompatibilities with Flutter 3.10

4.6.0 - Flutter 3.10 #

  • BREAKING Removed FluentApp.useInheritedMediaQuery
  • Upgrade the scroll_pos dependency (from @WinXaito) to version v0.4.0 (#831)
  • Added support for Urdu language (#832)

4.5.1 #

  • Do not unfocus the auto suggest box on clear (#816)
  • Review all the inputs margins and inputs (#799)
  • HyperlinkButton now uses the correct color in dark mode (#817)
  • DatePicker, TimePicker and all other overlay widgets are now positioned correctly if there are multiple navigators (#817)
  • Added PasswordFormBox (#811)
  • DateTime.startYear and DateTime.endYear are now deprecated. Use DateTime.startDate and DateTime.endDate instead. (#687)
  • Added .decoration, .foregroundDecoration, .highlightColor, .unfocusedColor, .keyboardAppearance, .textAlign, .textAlignVertical to PasswordBox (#820)
  • Do not block text style inheritance in widgets (#823)
  • NavigationView now works correctly in top mode (#821)
  • Add showDialog.dismissWithEsc (#826)

4.5.0 #

  • MINOR BREAKING Remove default value of backButtonDispatcher when using FluentApp.router (#803)
  • Add parameters onTapDown and onTapUp on all buttons. (#795)
    • Breaking: if you use the abstract class BaseButton, these two parameters are now required
  • Add PasswordBox widget (#795)
  • Improve example in Navigation/NavigationView in app. (#796)
  • Added Tamil language localization. (#798)
  • BREAKING CHANGE TextButton is renamed to HyperlinkButton and ButtonThemeData.textButtonStyle is renamed to ButtonThemeData.hyperlinkButtonStyle (#802)
  • Added .notificationPredicate, .scrollbarOrientation, .pressDuration and .minOverscrollLength to Scrollbar (#809)
  • Rebuild the TreeView elements on item invocation (#810)

4.4.2 #

  • Add NumberBox widget. (#560 #771 #789)

  • Add support for routerConfig to FluentApp.router (#781)

  • Add source code for Show InfoBar in example application. (#785)

  • Make color optional in FluentApp.router. (#782)

  • Fix TabView scroll (the item count was not correctly set) and now the scroll event is not propagated to the parent. (#772)

  • Do not calculate the position of the flyout if the position parameter is provided. (#764)

  • Add source code for Surfaces/CommandBar in example application (#766)

  • Do not enforce a max height on PaneItem (#762)

  • Add Greek localization (#761)

  • Add NavigationState.compactOverlayOpen (#758):

    final key = GlobalKey<NavigationState>();
    NavigationView(key: key);
    final isCompactModeOpen = key.currentState?.compactOverlayOpen ?? false;
  • TabView lazy loading (#751)

  • Added Bangla localization (#786)

  • Correctly position the flyouts and tooltips on a multi navigator context (#780)

  • Allow all kinds of menu flyout widgets on DropDownButton (#775)

  • Added CommandBarCard.borderColor

4.4.1 #

  • Dynamically adding/removing items in NavigationPane (#744)

  • Fix example application was showing window icons twice on transparency change and maximizing

  • Add TextFormBox.initialValue (#749)

  • Add PaneItem.enabled (#748)

  • Add Thai localization (#750)

  • FocusTraversalGroup is no longer added above paneBodyBuilder (#700)

  • BREAKING NavigationView.paneBodyBuilder now takes two arguments (#700) Before:

      paneBodyBuilder: (child) {
        return child;


      paneBodyBuilder: (item, child) {
        return child;
  • Use correct height and padding on TextBox (#754)

  • Updated TextBox cursor to match the native implementation (#754)

  • TextBox state is now updated correctly when focused (#754)

4.4.0 #

  • TabView macos shortcuts (#728)
  • TabView focus on children now works properly (#648)
  • TabView colors now follow the Win UI 3 theme resources (#730)
  • Add myanmar localization (#682)
  • Fix ContentDialog copy code (#735)
  • TextBox rework:
    • BREAKING Removed .initialValue. Use TextEditingController.text instead
    • BREAKING Removed .header and .headerStyle. Use InfoLabel instead
    • BREAKING Removed .outsidePrefix, .outsidePrefixMode, .outsideSuffix, .outsideSuffixMode
    • BREAKING Removed .minHeight and .iconButtonThemeData
    • AutoSuggestBox popup is now part of the text box tap region (#698)
    • FluentTextSelectionToolbar now follows global typography (#712)
  • Attach flyout to target at build time (#743)

4.3.0 #

  • Correctly calculate the padding around the flyout on automatic mode

  • Possibility to supply transparent colors to the barrier (#702)

  • Correctly assign the current pane mode to PaneItemExpander (#707)

  • showFlyout.dismissOnPointerMoveAway now takes the whole flyout box into consideration

  • MINOR BREAKING Replaced ContentManager and ContentSizeInfo with Flyout Before:

    final size = ContentSizeInfo.of(context).size;


    final size = Flyout.of(context).size;

    With it, it's also possible to have multiple info about the current open flyout. Sub-menus also have their own flyout instance. To close the current flyout, use Flyout.of(context).close();

  • Added option to open DropDownButton flyout programatically (#723)

    final dropdownKey = GlobalKey<DropDownButtonState>();
      key: dropdownKey,
    dropdownKey.currentState?.open(...); // opens the flyout
    final isOpen = dropdownKey.currentState?.isOpen ?? false; // checks if the flyout is open
  • BREAKING Removed deprecated memebers: DropDownButtonItem and DropDownButton.buttonStyle (#724)

  • ThemeData is depreacted. Use FluentThemeData instead (#722)

  • BREAKING MenuFlyoutSubItem.items now requires a function Before:

      items: [...]


      items: (context) {
        // You can call Flyout.of(context).close(), for example
        return [...]

4.2.0 #

  • Flyouts rework (#690):

    Flyouts were reworked to match the design and behavior of native WinUI 3

    BREAKING Removed Flyout widget. To replace it, FlyoutTarget and FlyoutController were created. FlyoutTarget works like a target, which the given controller will use to display the flyout

    Migration guide:


    final controller = FlyoutController();
      controller: controller,
      placement: ...,
      position: ...,
      verticalOffset: ...,
      onOpen: ...,
      onClose: ...,
      child: Button(
        onPressed: controller,
        child: Text('Tap me'),


    final controller = FlyoutController();
      controller: controller,
      child: Button(
        onPressed: _showFlyout,
        child: Text('Tap me'),
    void _showFlyout() async {
      await controller.showFlyout(
        barrierDismissible: ...,
        dismissWithEsc: ..., // NEW
        dismissOnPointerMoveAway: ..., // NEW
        placementMode: ...,
        autoModeConfiguration: ..., // NEW
        forceAvailableSpace: ..., // NEW
        shouldConstrainToRootBounds: ..., // NEW
        additionalOffset: ...,
        margin: ..., // NEW
        barrierColor: ...,
        navigatorKey: ..., // NEW
        transitionBuilder: ..., // NEW
        transitionDuration: ..., // NEW
        builder: (context) => FlyoutContent(...),

    Now, it's possible to dismiss the flyout by tapping the barrier (barrierDismissible), pressing the ESC keyboard key (dismissWithEsc) and by moving the cursor (pointer) away from the flyout (dismissOnPointerMoveAway - defaults to false);

    Automatic mode is finally implemented, and it's the default mode. By setting autoModeConfiguration, it's possible to customize the preferred flyout placement. If flyout doesn't meet the placement conditions, it decides where it fits the best.

    forceAvailableSpace determines whether the flyout size should be forced the available space according to the attached target. It's useful when the flyout is large but can not be on top of the target. NavigationView's top navigation mode now uses it by default on pane items overflow.

    shouldConstrainToRootBounds determines whether the flyout should fit the root bounds - usually the window bounds. If false, the flyout will be able to overflow the screen on all sides. Defaults to true

    margin determines the margin of the flyout to the root. additionalOffset determines the margin of the flyout to the target.

    It's now possible to assign a custom transition to the flyout by providing transitionBuilder and transitionDuration. By default, a light slide-fade transition is used, but it can be highly customizable to fit your needs. It provides the current placement mode - since automatic mode may change it at layout time. DropdownButton uses it to create its slidethrough transition.

    position and placement were replaced by placementMode, which gives horizontal and vertical options of placement, at all screen alignments. It's also possible to use it in a right-to-left context by using placementMode.resolve(Directionality.of(context))

    Use position to display the flyout anywhere in the screen. It's useful to create context menus

  • Added support for Flutter 3.7 (#568)

  • Added TextBox.magnifierConfiguration, TextBox.spellCheckConfiguration and TextBox.onTapOutside

4.1.5 #

  • Add AutoSuggestBox.maxPopupHeight (#677)
  • Fix assertion in NavigationViewState if no pane was currently selected (#678)
  • Make NavigationView.paneBodyBuilder responsible for state management of the widget it returns, allowing paneBodyBuilder to return an IndexedStack (common use case) (#679)
  • Added support for Belarusian language (#686)
  • Added missing German translation for minute, hour, day, month, and year

4.1.4 #

  • Avoid overflow in DatePicker and TimePicker popup (#663)
  • Ensure sticky indicator is mounted before updating (#670)
  • Date and Time pickers popup are now positioned correctly in RTL mode (#675)
  • It's now possible to navigate through AutoSuggestBox items by long pressing arrow up and down keys
  • Do not clear focus scope after selecting an item in AutoSuggestBox (#671)
  • AutoSuggestBox's trailingIcon now comes after the close button
  • MINOR BREAK TextBox.clearGlobalKey was removed, since it was not used
  • Add AutoSuggestBox.unfocusedColor and TextFormBox.unfocusedColor
  • Implement displayInfoBar, which shows an info bar as an overlay (#673)
  • Implement ThemeData.extensions (#674)

4.1.3 #

  • FlyoutListTile can be used outside of a flyout (#650)
  • Add uk localization (#647)
  • Add swedish localization (#655)
  • Add key parameter to NavigationPaneItem and all its instances (#656)
  • Ensure fontFamily is inherit in some widgets (654)
  • Add Flyout.navigatorKey (#538)
  • Add Card.borderColor (#643)

4.1.2 #

  • PageHeader now gives appropriate bounds to its commandBar (#642)
  • Ensure NavigationView body state is not lost when resizing window
  • Ensure TabView' tabs' state are not lost when changing selected tab (#607)
  • Do not block text field tap (#343)
  • Do not duplicate trailing in FlyoutContent (#487)

4.1.1 #

  • Ensure acrylic is updated only if it's mounted (#634)
  • Ensure the provided startYear and endYear in DateTime are used properly (#627)
  • Fix left arrow key not moving to parent item on collapsed TreeViewItem (#632)
  • Added NavigationPane.scrollBehavior (#640)
  • Added CommandBarCard.borderRadius (#641)
  • Ensure combobox scroll controller has a client attached before using it (#620)
  • Correctly use TextFormBox.initialValue
  • Added TreeViewState.toggleItem, which toggles the item expanded state (#493)
  • Ensure NavigationView pane items are brought into view when selected

4.1.0 #

  • Fixed TreeView selection state behavior for items that are not expanded (#578)
  • Added support for Romanian language (#602)
  • Ensure the body state in NavigationView is properly preserved (#607)
  • BREAKING Renamed to ExpanderState.isExpanded
  • The same identifier is no longer used for every Expander (#596)
  • Ensure the TabView scroll controller has clients before using it (#615)
  • TabView now waits a time to resize after closed (#617)
  • ToggleButton border width is uniform (#610)

4.0.3+1 #

  • Update documentation

4.0.3 #

  • NavigationView scrollbar can now be dragged (#472)
  • PaneItemHeader can now be used inside a PaneItemExpander (#575)
  • InfoBadge no longer overflows when transitioning from compact mode to open mode in NavigationView (#588)

4.0.2 #

  • Add NavigationView.paneBodyBuilder for customization of widget built for body of pane. (#548)
  • Fixed NavigationAppBar unnecessary leading icon when no pane is provided in NavigationView (#551)
  • Added NavigationView.minimalPaneOpen and, with it, the possibility to open minimal pane programatically (#564)
  • Assign an index to pane item expanders (#566)
  • Update NavigationView compact mode transition
  • TreeView updates (#555):
    • BREAKING Added TreeViewItemInvokeReason parameter to TreeView.onItemInvoked and TreeViewItem.onInvoked.
    • Fix clearing out selection state on initial state build in certain cases for a single selection mode tree view.
    • Fix single selection mode to properly deselect hidden child items when selecting a collapsed parent item.
    • Add TreeView.includePartiallySelectedItems so that items who have children with a mixed selection state will be included in the onSelectionChanged callback.
    • Add TreeView.deselectParentWhenChildrenDeselected optional behavior so that parent items can remain selected when all of their children are deselected.
    • Add TreeViewItem.setSelectionStateForMultiSelectionMode helper method and [TreeViewItem].selectedItems extension method, to make it easier for application code to programmatically change selection state of items in a multi-selection mode tree view.
  • Added support for Uzbek language

4.0.1 #

  • PaneItemAction.body is no longer required (#545)
  • Added DropDownButton.onOpen and DropDownButton.onClose callbacks (#537)
  • Ensure MenuFlyoutItem.onPressed is called after the flyout is closed if DropDownButton.closeAfterClick is true (#520)
  • Ensure the TimePicker and DatePicker popups will fit if the screen is small (#544)
  • Do not apply padding to NavigationAppBar.leading (#539)
  • Added AutoSuggestBox.noResultsFoundBuilder (#542)
  • Added AutoSuggestBox.inputFormatters (#542)
  • Added support for Hebrew language

4.0.0 #

  • BREAKING Removed NavigationBody. Use PaneItem.body instead (#510/#531):

      pane: NavigationPane(
        items: [
          PaneItem(icon: Icon(FluentIcons.add)),
          PaneItem(icon: Icon(FluentIcons.add)),
          PaneItem(icon: Icon(FluentIcons.add)),
      content: NavigationBody(
        children: [


      pane: NavigationPane(
        items: [
            icon: Icon(FluentIcons.add),
            body: _Item1(),
            icon: Icon(FluentIcons.add),
            body: _Item2(),
            icon: Icon(FluentIcons.add),
            body: _Item3(),

    Or if you don't have a pane, you can use the content like the following:

      content: ScaffoldPage(
        header: PageHeader(
          title: titleRow,
        content: child,

    either one attribute of pane or content must not be null

    Use NavigationView.transitionsBuilder to create custom transitions

  • Added PaneItem.onTap (#533)

  • Compact pane is no longer toggled when item is selected (#533). To toggle it programatically, use NavigationViewState.toggleCompactOpenMode when an item is tapped

  • Dynamic header height for open pane (#530)

  • Fixes memory leaks on NavigationView

  • TreeView updates:

    • All items of the same depth level now have the same indentation. Before, only items with the same parent were aligned.

    • The hitbox for the expand icon of each item now uses the item's full height and is three times wider than the actual icon. This corresponds to the implementation in the explorer of Windows 10/11.

    • You can now choose whether the items of a TreeView should use narrow or wide spacing.

    • Do not invoke the tree view item on secondary tap (#526)

    • BREAKING TreeView.onSecondaryTap is now a (TreeViewItem item, TapDownDetails details) callback: Before:

        onSecondaryTap: (item, offset) async {}


        onSecondaryTap: (item, details) {
          final offset = details.globalPosition;
    • Expand/collape items with right and left arrow keys, respectively (#517)

    • Added TreeView.onItemExpandToggle and TreeViewItem.onExpandToggle (#522)

  • BREAKING AutoSuggestBox dynamic type support (#441):


      items: {
        return AutoSuggestBoxItem(
          value: cat,
          onFocusChange: (focused) {
            if (focused) debugPrint('Focused $cat');
      onSelected: (item) {
        setState(() => selected = item);


      items: {
        return AutoSuggestBoxItem<String>(
          value: cat,
          label: cat,
          onFocusChange: (focused) {
            if (focused) debugPrint('Focused \$cat');
      onSelected: (item) {
        setState(() => selected = item);

[4.0.0-pre.4] - Almost there - [02/09/2022] #

  • DisableAcrylic now fully disable transparency of its decendents Acrylics (#468)
  • Do not interpolate between infinite constraints on TabView (#430)
  • Do not rebuild the TimePicker popup when already rebuilding (#437)
  • ToggleSwitch updates:
    • Use the correct color for DefaultToggleSwitchThumb (#463)
    • Added ToggleSwitch.leadingContent, which positions the content before the switch (#464)
    • Added ToggleSwitch.thumbBuilder, which builds the thumb based on the current state
  • Added TextChangedReason.cleared, which is called when the text is cleared by the user in an AutoSuggestBox (#461)
  • Call AutoSuggestBox.onChanged when an item is selected using the keyboard (#483)
  • Tooltip overlay is now ignored when hovered (#443)
  • Do not add unnecessary padding in DropdownButton (#475)
  • ComboBox updates:
    • BREAKING Renamed Combobox to ComboBox
    • BREAKING Renamed ComboboxItem to ComboBoxItem
    • BREAKING Renamed ComboBox.backgroundColor to ComboBox.popupColor
    • Implement EditableComboBox, a combo box that accepts items that aren't listed (#244)
    • ComboBox.isExpanded: false now correctly sets the button width (#382)
    • ComboBox's items height are correctly calculated, as well as initial scroll offset (#472)
    • BREAKING ComboBox.disabledHint was renamed to ComboBox.disabledPlaceholder
    • Added ComboBoxFormField and EditableComboBoxFormField (#373)
    • ComboBox.comboBoxColor is now correctly applied (#468)
    • ComboBox popup can't be opened if disabled
  • Implemented PaneItemExpander (#299)
  • TimePicker and DatePicker popup now needs a minimum width of 260 (#494)
  • Correctly align NavigationAppBar content (#494)
  • BREAKING Added InfoLabel is no longer a constant contructor (#494)
  • Always add GlobalMaterialLocalizations above ReorderableListView (#492)
  • BREAKING Removed ContentDialog.backgroundDismiss. Use showDialog.barrierDismissable (#490)
  • Reviewed focus (#496)
    • DatePicker and TimePicker now show the focus highlight. Their popup now can be controlled using the keyboard
    • NavigationBody now uses a FocusTraversalGroup to handle focus This means the the content of the body will be fully traversed before moving on to another widget or group of widgets. Learn more
    • TreeViewItem now shows the focus highlight. They can also be selected using the keyboard
    • Expander now shows the focus highlight
  • Progress Indicators velocity is no longer affected by device frame rate (#502)
  • Added AutoSuggestBox.enabled (#504)
  • Correctly keep the NavigationView animation state (cf0fae1 ,bd89ba6)
  • Calculate selected for all parents as soon as the TreeView is built

[4.0.0-pre.3] - Top navigation and auto suggestions - [13/08/2022] #

  • NavigationView mode fixes:

    • When top overflow menu is opened, PaneItemHeader no longer throws an unsupported error
    • When on top mode, PaneItemHeader is properly aligned to the other items.
    • Added NavigationPaneThemeData.headerPadding, which is applied to PaneItemHeader on open, compact and minimal mode. It defaults to 10 pixels at the top
    • BREAKING PaneItem.getPropertyFromTitle is now widget.getProperty:

    Before: getPropertyFromTitle<TextStyle>()

    Now: title.getProperty<TextStyle>()

    This was changed because the properties of PaneItemHeader needed to be accessed, but the old version only supported to get the properties of PaneItem.title. It can be called on a Text, RichText or in an Icon widget

    • InheritedNavigationView is now accessible on the top overflow menu
    • Added NavigationPaneThemeData.selectedTopTextStyle and NavigationPaneThemeData.unselectedTopTextStyle, which is applied to the items on top mode
    • Fixed content focus on minimal mode
    • Updated default transitions for top mode: HorizontalSlidePageTransition
  • Fix incorrect translation of TimePicker in Traditional Chinese.

  • Added ScaffoldPage.resizeToAvoidBottomInset (#444)

  • Consider view padding for NavigationAppBar

  • Scrollbar updates (#356):

    • Correctly use backgroundColor to display the track color
    • Added padding and hoveringPadding
    • Check if animation is disposed before using it (#446)
  • Update AutoSuggestBox (#450):

    • Added .enableKeyboardControls. When true, items can be selected using the keyboard (#19)
    • Added .sorter, which lets you set a custom sort function for the suggestions. AutoSuggestBox.defaultItemSorter is used by default
    • Overlay's height is now correctly calculated based on the screen size. It no longer overlaps the screen. viewPadding is also taken into consideration
    • Close the overlay if the textbox width is changes (#456)
    • .items can be dynamically loaded (#387)
    • BREAKING .items is now a List<AutoSuggestBoxItem>: Before:
      items: [


      items: [
      ].map((animal) {
        return AutoSuggestBoxItem(
          value: animal, // this takes a String
          child: Text('Animal $animal'), // this takes a Widget. If null, value is displayed as a text
          onFocusChange: (focused) {
            // this is called when the item is focused using the keyboard arrow keys
            if (focused) debugPrint('Focused animal $animal');
          onSelected: () {
            // this is called when the item is selected
            debugPrint('Selected animal $animal');
  • Combobox updates (#454):

    • Popup size is now correctly calculated (#413)
    • Correctly clip the popup while performing the animation (#379)
  • Correctly check if a locale is supported (#455)

[4.0.0-pre.2] - Tabs, Tiles and Bugs - [23/07/2022] #

  • Remove whitespace on ContentDialog if title is omitted (#418)

  • Apply correct color to the Date and Time Pickers button when selected (#415, #417)

  • Expose more useful properties to AutoSuggestBox (#419)

  • BREAKING PopupContentSizeInfo was renamed to ContentSizeInfo

  • Reworked ListTile (#422):

    • BREAKING Removed TappableListTile
    • Added support for single and multiple selection. Use ListTile.selectable (#409)
    • Added focus support
    • Use the Win UI design
  • Reviewed animation durations (#421)

    • BREAKING Removed .animationDuration and .animationCurve from ScrollbarThemeData
    • Added expandContractAnimationDuration and contractDelay to ScrollbarThemeData
  • NavigationPaneSize constraints are now correctly applied when in open mode (#336)

  • NavigationIndicator can't be invisble anymore when animation is stale (#335)

  • Updated TabView:

    • BREAKING Removed TabView.bodies. Now, Tab.body is used. Before

        tabs: [
          Tab(text: Text('Tab 1')),
          Tab(text: Text('Tab 2')),
        bodies: [


        tabs: [
            text: Text('Tab 1'),
            body: Tab1Body(),
            text: Text('Tab 2'),
            body: Tab2Body(),
    • Updated TabView tabs' constraints and padding

    • Fixed tab width when TabWidthBehavior is compact

    • FlutterLogo is no longer the default tab Icon

  • DropDownButton menu is now sized correctly according to the screen size

  • If there isn't enough space to display the menu on the preferred position, Flyout will display on the opposite position (#435)

[4.0.0-pre.1] - Materials and Pickers - [29/06/2022] #

  • Exposed private properties that makes it easier to create custom panes for NavigationView (#365):

    • kCompactNavigationPaneWidth
    • kOpenNavigationPaneWidth
    • NavigationPane.changeTo
    • PaneItem.getPropertyFromTitle
  • PaneScrollConfiguration is now applied to custom pane on NavigationView

  • Added NavigationViewState.displayMode. It results in the current display mode used by the view, including the automatic display mode (#360):

    // Define the key
    final key = GlobalKey<NavigationViewState>();
      // pass the key to the view
      key: key,
    // Get the current display mode. Note that, in order to find out the automatic display mode,
    // the widget must have been built at least once
    final PaneDisplayMode currentDisplayMode = key.currentState.displayMode;
  • The app bar action no longer overflow when minimal pane/compact overlay is open (#361)

  • Update AutoSuggestBox:

    • It now uses Acrylic, but it can be disabled using DisableAcrylic
    • TextChangedReason.suggestionChoosen is now called properly
  • Updated TextBox:

    • TextBox colors were updated to match the Win 11 design.
    • Fluent Text Selection Control now make use of Acrylic. Its items were also updated
  • Updated pickers (#406):

    • If selected is null, a placeholder text is shown (#306)
    • Added new localization messages: hour, minute, AM, PM, month, dayand year.
    • BREAKING Removed .hourPlaceholder, .minutePlaceholder, .amText, .pmText from TimePicker. It was replaced, respectivelly, by the hour, minute, AM, PM localization messages
    • On DatePicker, it's now possible to change the order of the fields:
      fieldOrder: [,

    The fields are ordered based on the current locale by default

    • On DatePicker, the day and year fields are now formatted based on the current locale (getDateOrderFromLocale)
  • Update Slider (#405):

    • Added .thumbRadius and .trackHeight to SliderThemeData
    • The active track now isn't taller than the inactive track

[4.0.0-pre.0] - [07/06/2022] #

  • Show menu button on automatic minimal display mode (#350)

  • BREAKING Map<ShortcutActivator, Intent>? is now the typed used on FluentApp.shortcuts (#351)

  • TextBox review (#352):

    • Added .initialValue, .selectionControls, .mouseCursor, .textDirection, .scribbleEnabled and .enableIMEPersonalizedLearning to TextBox
    • Added AutoFillClient to TextBox
    • Added UnmanagedRestorationScope to TextFormBox
  • Added AutoSuggestBox.form, that uses TextFormBox instead of TextBox (#353)

  • Do not overflow when text is too long on Chip (#322)

  • Add RTL support for Chip

  • Card updates:

    • Updated card's background colors
    • BREAKING Removed Card.elevation
    • Added Card.margin, which is the margin around the card
  • Updated Combobox and Button designs

  • Updated NavigationPane behaviour. Now, if the header is null, the space it should have taken will be removed from the pane (display mode affected: minimal, open only) (#359)

  • Reviewed DatePicker and TimePicker (#357)

    • Correctly apply dimensions and positions to both pickers
    • Update the picker popup style and behavior
  • Colors Update (#368):

    • Added ResourceDictionary, which provides default colors to be used on components

    • (forms) Updated Combobox style. It now uses Acrylic on the combobox popup menu

    • (buttons) Updated Button, FilledButton, IconButton and TextButton styles

    • (toggleable inputs) Updated Checkbox, Chip, RadioButton, RatingBar, ToggleButton and ToggleSwitch

      • BREAKING Updated Slider:

        • SliderThemeData.thumbColor, SliderThemeData.activeColor and SliderThemeData.inactiveColor now are of type ButtonState<Color?>?, which handles the button color on different states. SliderThemeData.disabledThumbColor, SliderThemeData.disabledActiveColor and SliderThemeData.disabledInactiveColor were removed
        • Before:
        • Now:
          // Apply for all button states. Instead you can use ButtonState.resolveWith to use different values according to the current state
          thumbColor: ButtonState.all(,
    • (navigation) Updated NavigationView, PaneItem and ScaffoldPage

      • Updated TabView and its tabs styles. A FocusBorder is now used to display the focus highlight of the tabs
      • All combinations of BorderRadius can now be used on FocusBorder
    • (surfaces) Updated Card, ContentDialog, InfoBar, Expander, Flyout and `Divider``

      • Added InfoBar.isIconVisible
    • (indicators) Updated ProgressBar, ProgressRing and InfoBadge

    • (other) Added helper methods for AccentColor: AccentColor.defaultBrushFor, AccentColor.secondaryBrushFor and AccentColor.tertiaryBrushFor

    • Polish translation added

[3.12.0] - Flutter 3.0 - [13/05/2022] #

  • Add support for Flutter 3.0 (Fixes #186, #327)

[3.11.1] - [30/04/2022] #

  • Reworked DropDownButton (#297):

    • DropDownButton now uses Flyout and MenuFlyout to display the menu
    • Added scrolling features and style to MenuFlyout
    • MenuFlyout content height is now properly calculated (Fixes #210)
    • DropDownButtonItem is deprecated. MenuFlyoutItem should be used instead
    • Added DropDownButton.buttonBuilder, which is able to style the button as you wish. DropDownButton.buttonStyle is now deprecated
      items: [...],
      // onOpen should be called to open the flyout. If onOpen is null, it means the button
      // should be disabled
      buttonBuilder: (context, onOpen) {
        return Button(
          onPressed: onOpen,
  • TextButton now uses textButtonStyle instead of outlinedButtonStyle

  • Add TextFormBox.decoration (#312)

[3.11.0] - Menu Flyouts - [23/04/2022] #

  • Implemented MenuFlyout (#266)
    • Implemented FlyoutPosition, which controls where the flyout will be opened according to the child. It can be above, below or side
    • FlyoutOpenMode.longHover, which makes possible to open the flyout when the user performs a long hover
    • Added Flyout.onOpen and Flyout.onClose. Some convenience callbacks that are called when the flyout is opened or closed, respectively
    • Implement PopupContentSizeInfo, which provides the information about the content size
    • Implemented MenuFlyoutItem, MenuFlyoutSeparator and MenuFlyoutSubItem. They are used inside MenuFlyout to render the menu items
    • horizontalPositionDependentBox is now globally available for use as a top function
  • Implemented overflow popup on NavigationView for top mode (#277)
  • InfoBadge now is correctly positioned on top mode (#296)

[3.10.3] - [15/04/2022] #

  • Do not use duplicated Scrollbars (#279)
  • Allow custom height on NavigationPane header. (#260)
  • Allow to define the minimal tab width (#282)
  • Allow applying custom leading Widget to NavigationPane (#288)
  • TextFormBox.expands now works properly ([#291]](
  • Focus on TextBox is no longer duplicated (#290)

[3.10.2] - [09/04/2022] #

  • NavigationView without pane no longer throws error (#276)

[3.10.1] - [06/04/2022] #

  • Fix overflow behavior for TreeViewItem (#270)
  • Do not animate sticky indicators when parent is updated (#273)
  • Add Arabic(ar) localization (#268)

[3.10.0] - Localization, Indicators, CommandBar and Flyouts - [02/04/2022] #

  • Improves icons.dart formatting and its generation (#215)

  • Use correct color on FilledButton when disabled (209)

  • Built-in support for new languages (#216):

  • Add useInheritedMediaQuery property to FluentApp (#211)

  • TreeView updates (#255):

    • Optional vertical scrolling by setting shrinkWrap to false
    • TreeViewItem now has a custom primary key (value field)
    • Added onSelectionChanged callback, called when the selection is changed
  • Account for enabled on pressing states (#233)

  • Implement CommandBar (#232)

    • Add DynamicOverflow layout widget, for one-run horizontal or vertical layout with an overflow widget
    • Add HorizontalScrollView helper widget, with mouse wheel horizontal scrolling
  • Long content widget no longer overflow in ContentDialog (#242)

  • Content state is no longer lost when the pane display mode is changed (#250)

  • BREAKING Update indicators (#248):

    • Added InheritedNavigationView

    • Updated sticky indicator to match the latest Win 11 UI (#173)

    • BREAKING Renamed NavigationPane.indicatorBuilder to NavigationPane.indicator

    • BREAKING Indicators are no longer built with functions Before:

      indicatorBuilder: ({
        required BuildContext context,
        required NavigationPane pane,
        required Axis axis,
        required Widget child,
      }) {
        if (pane.selected == null) return child;
        final theme = NavigationPaneTheme.of(context);
        final left = theme.iconPadding?.left ?? theme.labelPadding?.left ?? 0;
        final right = theme.labelPadding?.right ?? theme.iconPadding?.right ?? 0;
        return StickyNavigationIndicator(
          index: pane.selected!,
          pane: pane,
          child: child,
          color: theme.highlightColor,
          curve: Curves.easeIn,
          axis: axis,
          topPadding: EdgeInsets.only(left: left, right: right),


      indicator: StickyNavigationIndicator(
        color:, // optional
  • initiallyExpanded property on Expander works properly (#252)

  • BREAKING Flyout changes:

    • Removed Flyout.contentWidth and added FlyoutContent.constraints. Now the content will be automatically sized and layed out according to the placement
    • Added Flyout.placement which takes a FlyoutPlacement
    • Added Flyout.openMode which takes a FlyoutOpenMode
    • Flyout.controller is no longer required. If not provided, a local controller is created to handle the Flyout.openMode settings
    • Breaking is now a function
    • Added FlyoutController.isOpen, FlyoutController.isClosed, FlyoutController.close(), and FlyoutController.toggle()
    • Breaking Removed Popup.contentHeight
  • BREAKING Updated typography (#261):

    • Renamed Typography.standart to Typography.fromBrightness
    • Renamed Typography constructor to Typography.raw
    • Default color for dark mode is now const Color(0xE4000000)
    • Updated default font sizes for display, titleLarge, title and subtitle
  • TabWidthBehavior.sizeToContent now works properly (#218)

[3.9.1] - Input Update - [25/02/2022] #

  • TextBox updates: (#179)
    • Correctly apply the style property
    • Correctly apply decoration to the background
    • Added foregroundDecoration and highlightColor property. They can not be specified at the same time
    • BREAKING replaced maxLengthEnforeced with maxLengthEnforcement
  • Expose more propertied to TextFormBox
  • AutoSuggestBox updates:
    • Improved fidelity of the suggestions overlay expose more customization properties (#174)
    • When a suggestion is picked, the overlay is automatically closed and the text box is unfocused
    • Clear button now only shows when the text box is focused
  • Add directionality support (#184)
  • Correctly apply elevation for DropDownButton overlay (#182)
  • Show app bar even if NavigationPane is not provided on NavigationView (#187)
  • Ensure NavigationAppBar.actions are rendered on the top of the other widgets (#177)
  • All Form widgets now have the same height by default
  • Only show one scrollbar on ComboBox overlay
  • Fix opened pane opacity
  • Added menuColor for theme, which is now used by dropdown button, auto suggest box, tooltip and content dialog
  • Added Card and cardColor for theme
  • Update fluent text controls and added support for SelectableText (#196)

[3.9.0] - Fidelity - [10/02/2022] #

  • BREAKING Renamed standartCurve to standardCurve

  • BREAKING Completly rework DropDownButton

  • BREAKING Removed CheckboxThemeData.thirdStateIcon

    Currently, there isn't a fluent icon that is close to the native icon. A local widget _ThirdStateDash is used

  • Do not override material Theme on FluentApp (#155)

  • Slider thumb now doesn't change inner size if hovered while disabled

  • Uniform foreground color on Checkbox

  • Updated FilledButton Style

  • ToggleButton and FilledButton now share the same style

  • ScaffoldPage.scrollable and ScaffoldPage.withPadding

  • Ensure we use Typography.body as the default text style on BaseButton (#120)

  • Update ButtonThemeData.uncheckedInputColor

[3.8.0] - Flutter Favorite - [03/02/2022] #

  • Tests (#142)

  • Added Material Theme to Fluent Theme Builder (#133)

  • Add more customization options to PaneItem (#111, #144)

  • NavigationView updates BREAKING:

    • Properly add item key to PaneItem in top mode (#143)
    • Items bounds and positions are fetched when the item list is scrolled as well to prevent misalignment
    • Added the helper functions NavigationIndicator.end and NavigationIndicator.sticky
    • Use Curves.easeIn for sticky navigation indicator by default
    • Use the correct accent color for navigation indicators by default
    • EntrancePageTransition is now the correct page transition used when display mode is top
    • Apply correct press effect for PaneItem when display mode is top
    • BREAKING Removed NavigationPane.defaultNavigationIndicator
    • BREAKING Replaced offsets and sizes with pane in NavigationPane


    pane: NavigationPane(
      indicatorBuilder: ({
        required BuildContext context,
        /// The navigation pane corresponding to this indicator
        required NavigationPane pane,
        /// Corresponds to the current display mode. If top, Axis.vertical
        /// is passed, otherwise Axis.vertical
        Axis? axis,
        /// Corresponds to the pane itself as a widget. The indicator is
        /// rendered over the whole pane.
        required Widget child,
      }) {
        if (pane.selected == null) return child;
        final theme = NavigationPaneThemeData.of(context);
        axis??= Axis.horizontal;
        return EndNavigationIndicator(
          index: pane.selected,
          offsets: () => pane.effectiveItems.getPaneItemsOffsets  (pane.paneKey),
          sizes: pane.effectiveItems.getPaneItemsSizes,
          child: child,
          color: theme.highlightColor,
          curve: theme.animationCurve ?? Curves.linear,
          axis: axis,


    pane: NavigationPane(
      indicatorBuilder: ({
        required BuildContext context,
        /// The navigation pane corresponding to this indicator
        required NavigationPane pane,
        /// Corresponds to the current display mode. If top, Axis.vertical
        /// is passed, otherwise Axis.vertical
        required Axis axis,
        /// Corresponds to the pane itself as a widget. The indicator is
        /// rendered over the whole pane.
        required Widget child,
      }) {
        if (pane.selected == null) return child;
        final theme = NavigationPaneThemeData.of(context);
        return EndNavigationIndicator(
          index: pane.selected,
          pane: pane,
          child: child,
          color: theme.highlightColor,
          curve: theme.animationCurve ?? Curves.linear,
          axis: axis,

[3.7.0] - Breaking changes - [21/01/2022] #

  • AutoSuggestBox: (#130)

    • It gets opened automatically when it gets focus

    • When an item is tapped, the cursor is positioned correctly at the end of the text

    • BREAKING Now it's not possible to assign a type to AutoSuggestBox: Before:



  • Added TextFormBox witch integrates with the Form widget. It has the ability to be validated and to show an error message.

  • New FluentIcons gallery showcase in example project (#123)

  • Updated FluentIcons as per 30/12/2021

  • BREAKING Renamed FluentIcons.close to FluentIcons.chrome_close

  • Fixed rounded corners on the ComboBox widget

  • Fixed missing padding before close button on TabView (#122)

  • Readded tab minimal size for equal and sizeToContent tab width behaviours (#122)

  • TabView's close button now uses SmallIconButton

  • If a tab is partially off the view, it's scrolled until it's visible

  • Fix IconButton's icon size

  • Update OutlinedButton, FilledButton and TextButton styles

  • Implement lazy tree view (#139)

[3.6.0] - TabView Update - [25/12/2021] #

  • Implement TreeView (#120)
  • Fix Tooltip.useMousePosition
  • Fix Slider and RatingBar (#116)
  • Fix scroll buttons when there are too many tabs in TabView (#92)
  • Fix button style on tab in TabView (#90)
  • Added Close on middle click on tabs in TabView (#91)
  • Added newTabLabel, closeTabLabel, scrollTabBackward, scrollTabForward to FluentLocalizations
  • Fix TabView's text when it's too long. Now it's clipped when overflow and line doesn't break
  • Added TabView.closeButtonVisibility. Defaults to CloseButtonVisibilityMode.always
  • Updated selected tab paint
  • Added TabView.tabWidthBehavior. Defaults to TabWidthBehavior.equal
  • Added TabView.header and TabView.footer
  • Slider's mouse cursor is now [MouseCursor.defer]
  • Added SmallIconButton, which makes an [IconButton] small if wrapped. It's used by TextBox
  • Added ButtonStyle.iconSize
  • BREAKING AutoSuggestBox updates:
    • Added FluentLocalizations.noResultsFoundLabel. "No results found" is the default text
    • Removed itemBuilder, sorter, noResultsFound, textBoxBuilder, defaultNoResultsFound and defaultTextBoxBuilder
    • Added onChanged, trailingIcon, clearButtonEnabled and placeholder
    • controller is now nullable. If null, an internal controller is creted

[3.5.2] - [17/12/2021] #

  • BREAKING Removed ThemeData.inputMouseCursor
  • BREAKING Removed cursor from DatePicker, TimePicker, ButtonStyle, CheckboxThemeData, RadioButtonThemeData, SliderThemeData, ToggleSwitchThemeData, NavigationPaneThemeData
  • Scrollbar is not longer shown if PaneDisplayMode is top
  • If open the compact pane, it's not always a overlay
  • Added triggerMode and enableFeedback to Tooltip.
  • Added Tooltip.dismissAllToolTips

[3.5.1] - [15/12/2021] #

  • Update inputs colors
  • Expander now properly disposes its resources
  • Add the borderRadius and shape attributes to the Mica widget
  • Implement DropDownButton (#85)

[3.5.0] - Flutter 2.8 - [09/12/2021] #

  • BREAKING Minimal Flutter version is now 2.8
  • NavigationAppBar.backgroundColor is now applied correctly. (#100)
  • ComboBox's Popup Acrylic can now be disabled if wrapped in a DisableAcrylic (#105)
  • NavigationPane width can now be customizable (#99)
  • Implement PaneItemAction for NavigationPane (#104)

[3.4.1] - [08/11/2021] #

  • ContentDialog constraints can now be customizable (#86)
  • Add possibility to disable acrylic by wrapping it in a DisableAcrylic (#89)
  • Fix onReaorder null exception (#88)
  • Implement InfoBadge
  • Implement Expander (#85)
  • Default inputMouseCursor is now MouseCursor.defer
  • NavigationView.contentShape is now rendered at the foreground

[3.4.0] - Flexibility - [22/10/2021] #

  • ProgressRing now spins on the correct direction (#83)
  • Added the backwards property to ProgressRing
  • FluentApp.builder now works as expected (#84)
  • Implemented NavigationPane.customPane, which now gives you the ability to create custom panes for NavigationView
  • BREAKING sizes, offsets and index parameters from NavigationIndicatorBuilder were replaced by pane

[3.3.0] - [12/10/2021] #

  • Back button now isn't forced when using top navigation mode (#74)
  • PilButtonBar now accept 2 items (#66)
  • Added builder variant to NavigationBody.
  • Fixed content bug when AppBar was not supplied too NavigationView

[3.2.0] - Flutter 2.5.0 - [15/09/2021] #

  • Added missing parameters in _FluentTextSelectionControls methods (#67)
  • Min Flutter version is now 2.5.0
  • EXAMPLE APP Updated the url strategy on web.
  • EXAMPLE APP Upgraded dependencies
  • Format code according to flutter_lints

[3.1.0] - Texts and Fixes - [25/08/2021] #

  • Updated Typography:
    • BREAKING Renamed header -> display
    • BREAKING Renamed subHeader -> titleLarge
    • BREAKING Renamed base -> bodyStrong
    • Added bodyLarge
    • Updated font size and weight for most of the text styles
  • Update SplitButton design
  • Update IconButton design
  • Fixed ToggleSwitch not showing expanded thumb mode when dragging
  • BREAKING Remove CheckboxListTile, RadioListTile and SwitchListTile. Use the respective widget with the content property

[3.0.0] - Windows 11 - [24/08/2021] #

  • Update ToggleButton design.
  • Update Button design.
  • Update RadioButton design.
  • Update ContentDialog design.
  • Update NavigationView design:
    • BREAKING: Acryic is not used anymore. Consequently, useAcrylic method was removed.
  • Implemented Mica, used by the new NavigationView
  • Added support for horizontal tooltips. Set Tooltip.displayHorizontally to true to enable it.
  • Updated Acrylic to support the web
  • Update Checkbox design
  • Update ToggleSwitch design
  • Update Scrollbar design
  • Update Slider design
  • Update InfoBar design
  • Update pickers design (Combobox, DatePicker and TimePicker)

[2.2.1] - [26/06/2021] #

  • Implement Fluent Selection Controls for TextBox (#49)
  • Tooltip is now displayed when focused (#45)
  • AppBar is now displayed when minimal pane is open.
  • AppBar's animation now follows the pane animation

[2.2.0] - BREAKING CHANGES - [25/06/2021] #

  • BREAKING: Material Icons are not used anymore. Use FluentIcons instead.
  • BREAKING: Reworked the Acrylic widget implementation (#47)
  • BREAKING: Removed the useAcrylic property from NavigationView. Acrylic is now used by default.
  • PaneDisplayMode.compact has now a width of 40, not 50.
  • Removed SizeTransition from TabView.

[2.1.1] - [03/06/2021] #

  • Option to set a default font family on the theme data (ThemeData.fontFamily)
  • indicatorBuilder is correctly applied to the automatic display mode in NavigationView
  • An overlay is open when the toggle button is pressed on the compact display mode (#43)

[2.1.0] - Mobile Update - [01/06/2021] #

  • Implemented BottomNavigation
  • Implemented BottomSheet
  • Implemented Chip
  • Implemented Snackbar
  • Implemented PillButtonBar
  • New buttons variations:
    • FillButton
    • OutlinedButton
    • TextButton

  • PaneItems' build method is now overridable. You can know customize how the items in NavigationView should look like by overriding the method.
  • Fixed bug that navigation indicator was not showing on the first frame
  • Fixed minimal tooltip not updating when closed the overlay
  • EXAMPLE APP: Navigation indicator is now configurable on the Settings page

[2.0.3] - [28/05/2021] #

  • Correctly apply items positions to pane indicators, regardless of external factors, such as navigation view app bar (#41)
  • Improved NavigationIndicators performance

[2.0.2] - [23/05/2021] #

  • BREAKING CHANGES: Reworked the theme api (#39):

    • Removed the theme extension (context.theme). Use FluentTheme.of(context) instead

    • ButtonState is now a class that can receive a value. It now allows lerping between values, making AnimatedFluentTheme possible.

      Here's an example of how to migrate your code:

      Before: cursor: (_) =>,
      Now: cursor: ButtonState.all(,

    • All theme datas and AccentColor have now a lerp method, in order to make AnimatedFluentTheme possible.

    • Implemented AnimatedFluentTheme, in order to replace AnimateContainers all around the library

    • Dedicated theme for each theme data (#37):

      • IconTheme
      • ButtonTheme
      • RadioButtonTheme
      • CheckboxTheme
      • FocusTheme
      • SplitButtonTheme
      • ToggleButtonTheme
      • ToggleSwitchTheme
      • NavigationPaneTheme
      • InfoBarTheme
      • TooltipTheme
      • DividerTheme
      • ScrollbarTheme
    • DividerThemeData now has verticalMargin and horizontalMargin instead of an axis callback.

    • Updated button colors.

    • Removed animationDuration and animationCurve from theme datas (except from NavigationPaneThemeData).

    • Renamed copyWith to merge on theme datas (except from ThemeData)

    • Fixed typo standart -> standard

    • Implement AnimatedAcrylic

[2.0.1] - [21/05/2021] #

  • Minimal flutter version is now 2.2
  • Implement FluentScrollBehavior, that automatically adds a scrollbar into listviews (#35)
  • Reworked the inputs api (#38):
    • A input can have multiple states. Now, if the widget is focused and pressed at the same time, it doesn't lose its focused border.
    • Now, the focus is not requested twice when the button is pressed, only once. This fixes a bug introduced in a previous version that combo boxes items we're not being focused.
    • Semantics (acessibility) is now applied on all inputs

[2.0.0] - [20/05/2021] #

  • New way to disable the acrylic blur effect. Just wrap the acrylic widget in a NoAcrylicBlurEffect to have it disabled.
  • Reworked the Navigation Panel from scratch (#31):
    • The legacy NavigationPanel and Scaffold were removed. Use NavigationView and ScaffoldPage instead
    • Implemented open, compact, top and minimal display modes.
    • Custom Selected Indicators
  • Implemented fluent localizations (#30)

[1.10.1] - [05/05/2021] #

  • FIX Reworked the combo box widget to improve fidelity. (#25)
  • FIX Improved HoverButton focus management.
  • FIX Reworked the tooltip widget. Now, if any mouse is connected, the tooltip is displaying according to the pointer position, not to the child's. (#26)
  • FIX TabView is now scrollable if the size of the tabs overflow the width

[1.10.0] - #

  • BREAKING InfoHeader was renamed to InfoLabel. You can now set if the label will be rendered above the child or on the side of it.
  • FIX Fixed RadioButton inner color overlaping the border.
  • NEW ThemeData.inputMouseCursor
  • FIDELITY Switch thumb is now draggable. (Fixes #22)
  • EXAMPLE Reworked the example app inputs page

[1.9.4] - [02/05/2021] #

  • FIX CheckboxListTile, SwitchListTile and RadioListTile now doesn't focus its leading widget.
  • FIX TabView is now not scrollable
  • FIX Fixed Acrylic blur effect being disabled by default.
  • FIDELITY Improved ContentDialog transition fidelity
  • FIX Fixed FocusBorder for some widgets. It was affecting layout when it shouldn't
  • FIX RatingBar and Slider weren't working due to FocusBorder
  • NEW | FIDELITY New Slider thumb

[1.9.3] - [01/05/2021] #

  • NEW FocusBorder.renderOutside. With this property, you can control if the FocusBorder will be rendered over the widget or outside of it.
  • FIX Fixed RadioButtons border when focused
  • FIX Color.resolve now doesn't throw a stack overflow error.
  • BREAKING Removed Color.resolveFromBrightness. This is only available on AccentColor
  • EXAMPLE APP Hability to change the app accent color
  • NEW darkest and lightest colors variants in AccentColor
  • FIX Fixed InfoBar's error icon. It now uses Icons.cancel_outlined instead of Icons.close
  • NEW NavigationPanel now has a Scrollbar and the bottom property is now properly styled if selected

[1.9.2] - [30/04/2021] #

  • FIX TabView tabs can now be reordered (Fixes #10)
  • FIDELITY If a new Tab is added, its now animated
  • FIX FocusBorder now doesn't change the size of the widgets
  • BREAKING buttonCursor, uncheckedInputColor and checkedInputColor are now moved to ButtonThemeData as static functions.

[1.9.1] - [29/04/2021] #

  • FIX Fixed diagnostic tree. (Fixes #17)
  • FIX | FIDELITY TappableListTile now changes its color when focused instead of having a border
  • FIDELITY Improved Acrylic's blur effect fidelity
  • FIX Acrylic's elevation was being applying margin
  • NEW ThemeData.shadowColor, which is now used by Acrylic
  • NEW You can now globally disable the acrylic blur effect by changing Acrylic.acrylicEnabled

[1.9.0] - #

The whole theme implementation was reworked on this change.

  • BREAKING Renamed Theme to FluentTheme
  • BREAKING All the properties in FluentTheme now can't be null
  • BREAKING Renamed all the Style occurrences to ThemeData
  • BREAKING ThemeData.accentColor is now an AccentColor
  • FIX When providing a custom style to a tooltip, it's now correctly applied to ThemeData.tooltipStyle
  • FIX debugCheckHasFluentTheme has now a better error message
  • FIX FluentApp now doesn't throw an error if no theme is provided
  • FIX Reworked Scrollbar to improve fidelity.
  • NEW Color extension methods: Color.toAccentColor and Color.basedOnLuminance
  • NEW Button.builder

[1.8.1] - [16/04/2021] #

  • NEW In TabView, it's now possible use the following shortcuts if TabView.shortcutsEnabled is true (Follows this):
    1. Ctrl + F4 or Ctrl + W to close the current tab
    2. Ctrl + T to create a new tab
    3. 1-8 to navigate to a tab with the pressed number
    4. 9 to navigate to the last tab and navigate to the last tab
  • NEW IconButton.autofocus, ToggleButton.autofocus
  • BREAKING Renamed all the semanticsLabel to semanticLabel

[1.8.0] - Color Update - [14/04/2021] #

  • NEW Web version hosted at
  • NEW Colors showcase page in example app
  • NEW Info Colors:
    • Colors.warningPrimaryColor
    • Colors.warningSecondaryColor
    • Colors.errorPrimaryColor
    • Colors.errorSecondaryColor
    • Colors.successPrimaryColor
    • Colors.successSecondaryColor
  • FIX Reworked all the accent colors (Colors.accentColors) with darkest, dark, normal, light and lighter
  • BREAKING is now an AccentColor

[1.7.6] - [13/04/2021] #

  • NEW Checkbox.autofocus
  • BREAKING Button refactor:
    • Removed Button.icon and Button.trailingIcon
    • Renamed Button.text to Button.child
  • You can now disable the acrylic backdrop effect by setting enabled to false
  • NEW NavigationPanelBody.animationCurve and NavigationPanelBody.animationDuration

[1.7.5] - [13/04/2021] #

  • NEW Scrollbar and ScrollbarStyle
  • Reworked FluentApp to not depend of material anymore.

[1.7.4] - [10/04/2021] #

  • FIX Updated Icon widget to use Flutter's default icon widget
  • NEW Documentation

[1.7.3] - [07/04/2021] #

  • FIX Improved ListTile sizing (#Spacing)
  • NEW FocusStyle and support for glow focus
  • NEW RatingBar.starSpacing

[1.7.2] - [06/04/2021] #

  • FIX Animation when using NavigationPanelBody now works as expected
  • NEW CheckboxListTile, SwitchListTile and RadioListTile
  • FIX It's now not possible to focus a disabled TextBox

[1.7.1] - [06/04/2021] #

  • FIX The mouse cursor in a disabled input is now basic instead of forbidden
  • FIX NavigationPanelBody now doesn't use a IndexedStack under the hood because it was interfering in the focus scope
  • FIX The color of the focus now is the Style.inactiveColor
  • FIX RadioButton's cursor was not being applied correctly
  • NEW Button.toggle
  • FIX The state provided by HoverButton was being focused when it shouldn't be
  • FIX TimePicker showing wrong minute count. It should start from 00 and end in 59
  • NEW TimePicker.minuteIncrement

[1.7.0] - Focus Update - [05/04/2021] #

  • FIXED Fixed the possibility to give a elevation lower than 0 in Acrylic
  • NEW It's now possible to change the rating of RatingBar using the keyboard arrows
  • NEW Now it's possible to navigate using the keyboard with all focusable widgets

[1.6.0] - BREAKING CHANGES - [03/04/2021] #

  • Added the missing Diagnostics

  • Updated all the screenshots

  • BREAKING CHANGE Uses the material icon library now

    DEVELOPER NOTE This was a hard choice, but the material icon library is a robust, bigger library. It contains all the icons the previous library has, and a few many more.

[1.5.0] - [02/04/2021] #

  • Added Diagnostics to many widgets

  • NEW AutoSuggestBox (Follows this)

  • NEW Flyout and FlyoutContent (Folllows this)

  • FIXED Popup was being shown off-screen.

    DEVELOPER NOTE The solution for this was to make it act like a tooltip: only show the popup above or under the child. This was a hard choice, but the only viable option that would work on small screens/devices. This also made Flyout easier to implement. This should be changed when multi-window support is available.

  • FIXED DatePicker incorrectly changing hour

  • NEW Colors.accentColors

  • Documentation about system_theme

  • BREAKING Removed Pivot because it's deprecated

[1.4.1] - Pickers Update - [30/03/2021] #

  • NEW Style.fasterAnimationDuration
  • FIX ComboBox press effect
  • NEW TimePicker (Follows this)
  • NEW DatePicker (Follows this)

[1.4.0] - [28/03/2021] #

  • NEW InfoHeader
  • NEW ComboBox (Follows this)
  • NEW TappableListTile
  • BREAKING Removed DropdownButton and Button.dropdown

[1.3.4] - [28/03/2021] #

  • NEW Vertical Slider

[1.3.3] - [25/03/2021] #

  • NEW Indeterminate ProgressRing (@raitonoberu)
  • NEW ListTile
  • DIAGNOSTICS Provide Diagnostics support to:
    • Style
    • NavigationPanelStyle
    • TooltipStyle

[1.3.2] - Accessibility update - [24/03/2021] #

This version provides the fix for #5

  • Theme.of can't be null anymore. Use Theme.maybeOf for such
  • NEW Style.inactiveBackgroundColor
  • BREAKING Replaced color, border, borderRadius from IconButtonStyle to decoration
  • DIAGNOSTICS Provide Diagnostics support to the following classes:
    • ButtonStyle
    • Checkbox
    • CheckboxStyle
    • IconButtonStyle
    • RadioButtonStyle
    • RatingBar
    • SplitButtonStyle
    • ToggleButton
    • ToggleButtonStyle
    • ToggleSwitch
    • ToggleSwitchStyle
    • Slider
    • SliderStyle
    • Typography
    • Divider
    • DividerStyle
  • Provide accessibility support to the following widgets:
    • Button
    • Checkbox
    • IconButton
    • RadioButton
    • RatingBar
    • Slider
    • ToggleButton
    • ToggleSwitch
    • TabView

[1.3.1] - [23/03/2021] #

  • FIX IconButtonStyle's iconStyle now works properly
  • Improved TabView icon styling
  • NEW Indeterminate ProgressBar (@raitonoberu)

[1.3.0] - [22/03/2021] #

  • NEW Determinate ProgressBar and ProgressRing
  • NEW TabView (#TabView)

[1.2.5] - [21/03/2021] #

  • FIX Fixed InfoBar's overflow

[1.2.4] - [21/03/2021] #

  • BREAKING RadioButton's selected property was renamed to checked to match a single pattern between all the other widgets.

[1.2.3] - [19/03/2021] #

  • NEW | EXAMPLE APP Settings screen
  • Improved theme changing
  • FIX FluentApp doesn't lose its state anymore, possibiliting hot relaod.
  • NEW showDialog rework:
    • showDialog now can return data. (Fixes #2)
    • showDialog.transitionBuilder
    • showDialog.useRootNavigator
    • showDialog.routeSettings
    • It's no longer necessary to have the fluent theme to display dialogs using this function.

[1.2.2] - [17/03/2021] #

  • BREAKING Removed _regular from the name of the icons.
  • NEW InfoBar (Follows this)

[1.2.1] - [16/03/2021] #

  • NEW Divider

[1.2.0] - Timing and easing - Page transitioning - [15/03/2021] #

  • FIDELITY Improved ToggleButton fidelity
  • NEW NavigationPanelBody
  • NEW Page transitions
  • Add timing and easing to style. (Follows this)
    • NEW Style.fastAnimationDuration (Defaults to 150ms)
    • NEW Style.mediumAnimationDuration (Defaults to 300ms)
    • NEW Style.slowAnimationDuration (Defaults to 500ms)
    • Default animationCurve is now Curves.easeInOut (standard) instead of Curves.linear
    • BREAKING Removed Style.animationDuration
  • Refactored Navigation Panel

[1.1.0] - Fidelity update - [14/03/2021] #

  • BREAKING Removed Card widget. Use Acrylic instead
  • NEW Acrylic widget (#Acrylic)
  • NEW NAVIGATION PANEL bottom property
  • FIDELITY Improved the corder radius of some widgets (Follows this)
  • FIX FIDELITY Dark theme hovering color
  • Improved documentation

[1.0.2] - Typography update - [11/03/2021] #

  • NEW Typography
    • Migrated all the widgets to use typography
  • NEW Tooltip
  • NEW Dark theme
  • FIX Disabled button press effect if disabled
  • FIX Grey color resulting in green color

[1.0.1+1] - [09/03/2021] #

  • NEW Screenshots

[1.0.1] - [07/03/2021] #

  • FIX NavigationPanel navigation index
  • FIX Slider's inactive color
  • FIDELITY Scale animation of button press
  • FIDELITY Improved Slider label fidelity
  • NEW Split Button

[1.0.0] - [05/03/2021] #

  • NEW Null-safety
  • NEW New Icons Library
  • NEW NavigationPanelSectionHeader and NavigationPanelTileSeparator
  • BREAKING Removed Snackbar

[0.0.9] - [03/03/2021] #

  • Export the icons library
  • NEW TextBox

[0.0.8] - [01/03/2021] #

  • NEW ContentDialog πŸŽ‰
  • NEW RatingControl πŸŽ‰
  • NEW NavigationPanel πŸŽ‰
  • Improved Button fidelity

[0.0.7] - [28/02/2021] #

  • NEW Slider πŸŽ‰
  • Use physical model for elevation instead of box shadows
  • Improved TODO

[0.0.6] - [27/02/2021] #

  • FIXED Button now detect pressing
  • FIXED ToggleSwitch default thumb is now animated
  • FIXED Improved ToggleSwitch fidelity FIXED Darker color for button press.
    • Style.activeColor
    • Style.inactiveColor
    • Style.disabledColor
    • Style.animationDuration
    • Style.animationCurve

[0.0.5] - [27/02/2021] #

  • ToggleSwitch is now stable πŸŽ‰
  • NEW DefaultToggleSwitchThumb
  • NEW ToggleButton
  • New toast lib: fl_toast
  • Screenshot on the readme. (Fixes #1)

[0.0.4] - [22/02/2021] #

  • New fluent icons library: fluentui_icons
  • Re-made checkbox with more fidelity
  • Refactored the following widgets to follow the theme accent color:
    • Checkbox
    • ToggleSwitch
    • RadioButton
  • Added accent colors to widget. Use this as a base

[0.0.3] - Theming update - [21/02/2021] #

  • HIGHLIGHT A whole new documentation
  • Scaffold now works as expected.
  • Improved theming checking
  • NEW
    • null (thirdstate) design on Checkbox. (Follows this)
    • Now you can use the Decoration to style the inputs
    • Removed Button.action
    • Removed Button.compound
    • Removed Button.primary
    • Removed Button.contextual
    • Removed AppBar
    • Now the default theme uses accent color instead of a predefined color (Follows this)
  • FIXED:
    • ToggleSwitch can NOT receive null values

[0.0.2] - [18/02/2021] #

  • The whole library was rewritten following this
  • Tooltip's background color is now opaque (Follows this)
  • Dropdown button now works as expected
  • FIXED:
    • Snackbar now is dismissed even if pressing or hovering
    • Margin is no longer used as part of the clickable button
    • Renamed Toggle to ToggleSwitch (Follows this)
    • Removed BottomNavigationBar. It's recommended to use top navigation (pivots)
    • Removed
  • NEW:
    • NavigationPanel (Follows this)
    • Windows project on example
    • RadioButton (Follows this)

[0.0.1] #

  • Initial release
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Implements Windows UI in Flutter. Based on the official documentation

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