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Back Button Interceptor. May be used to do stuff when the Android back-button is tapped, as an alternative to `WillPopScope`.
Translation and Internationalization (i18n) for Flutter. Easy to use for both large and small projects. Uses Dart extensions to reduce boilerplate.
A lot of widgets like ColumnSuper, RowSuper, FitHorizontally, Box, WrapSuper, TextOneLine, Delayed, Pad, ButtonBarSuper, NormalizedOverflowBox, showDialogSuper, and much more.
When your desired layout or animation is too complex for Columns and Rows, this widget is a life saver. It lets you declaratively position/size its child in complex ways.
Helper math class for easily creating Matrix4 transformations, that you can use in Container's transform parameter and elsewhere.
Opens a local image file, if it exists there. If it doesn't, fetches the image from the network and then saves to the local file for next time.
Does a fade and size transition between widgets of different heights. Also used to show/hide a widget.
Infinite ListView that lets you programmatically jump instantly to any item, by index. Performant for lists of any size.
Redux without the boilerplate, tailored for Flutter. Easy to learn, to use and test. Allows for both sync and async reducers.
Lets you extend the background color of an image, or else build any widget that depends on an image width/height or the color of its pixels.