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Flutter plugin for launching a URL. Supports web, phone, SMS, and email schemes.
Flutter plugin for selecting images from the Android and iOS image library, and taking new pictures with the camera.
Flutter plugin for getting commonly used locations on host platform file systems, such as the temp and app data directories.
Flutter plugin for displaying inline video with other Flutter widgets on Android, iOS, and web.
A Flutter plugin for controlling the camera. Supports previewing the camera feed, capturing images and video, and streaming image buffers to Dart.
Recommended lints for Flutter apps, packages, and plugins to encourage good coding practices.
Fancy pre-built animations that can easily be integrated into any Flutter application.
Flutter plugin for Android and iOS devices to allow local authentication via fingerprint, touch ID, face ID, passcode, pin, or pattern.
A Markdown renderer for Flutter. Create rich text output, including text styles, tables, links, and more, from plain text data formatted with simple Markdown tags.
Flutter package for generating palette colors from a source image.