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Do you need logs? Lumberdash is the answer! Simple and extensible logging API, it allows you to create and consume different that will cover all your logging needs.
Lumberdash plugin that colors your logs on the stdout depending on their severity level
An extensible map abstraction for Flutter with support for multiple map providers
Lumberdash plugin that sends your logs to Sentry with the proper severity level
A Flutter presentation layer framework, which will clean up your widget code and make your widgets testable without a need for thousands of mock objects. Let's go driving!
Lumberdash plugin that uses print() to output your logs
Defines the annotations used by widget_driver and widget_driver_generator to create code for your WidgetDrivers
This package provides generators for WidgetDriver to automate the creation of your TestDrivers and WidgetDriverProviders
Lumberdash plugin that sends your logs to Firebase Analytics
Lumberdash package that outputs your logs to the file system.