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A Dart library containing convenient extension methods on basic Dart objects.

Function for sanitizing HTML to prevent XSS by restrict elements and attributes to a safe subset of allowed values.

Runtime library for protocol buffers support. Use to generate dart code for your '.proto' files.

Obtain Access credentials for Google services using OAuth 2.0

A URL-safe base64 encoding for UUIDv4 stripped of padding. Useful when embedding short random UUIDs in URLs.

Auxiliary classes for reliably running a periodic task in a long-running process such as web-server.

PEM encoding/decoding of textual keys following RFC 7468, supporting both lax/strict-mode, and certificates chains of concatenated PEM blocks.

Quiver is a set of utility libraries for Dart that makes using many Dart libraries easier and more convenient, or adds additional functionality.

Tuple data structure

A scroll controller that allows two or more scroll views to be in sync.

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