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A package:build compatible builder for generating request routers for the shelf web-framework based on source annotations.

Shelf Plus is a quality of life addon for your server-side development within the Shelf platform.

Dart implementation of the Prometheus client library providing a shelf integration.

JSON-RPC (v2.0) utility classes. Invoke methods on another machine using JSON-formatted messages. Some assembly required.

Create samples of your Flutter widgets and preview them in real time

This package provides a virtual directory to serve static files from a shelf server.

Cookie parser middleware for the Shelf ecosystem. Reads cookies in request, sets cookies in response. Supports AES-GCM for encryption if needed.

Mustache template rendering integration for shelf

Self-hosted private Dart Pub server for Enterprise, with a simple web interface to search and view packages information.

KDebugTools is a powerful library for debugging Flutter applications.

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