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Plugin for 'flutter_map' providing advanced caching functionality, with ability to download map regions for offline use.
Select, open, choose or pick documents, images videos or other files on Android, iOS, the desktop and the web for reading, writing, use as String, byte list or HTTP uploads.
Flutter implementation of talker (advanced error handler and logger package).
Chucker Flutter helps you inspect the HTTP(S) requests/responses. It stores data locally and provides a UI for inspecting network calls and sharing their content.
Chuck is an HTTP Inspector tool which helps debugging http requests. It catches and stores http requests and responses, which can be viewed via simple UI.
Opendocument generate a folder and open the pdf, xlsx, docs, ppt and zip files, you can also locate your MyFilesScreen implement file and for style use StyleMyFile.
Launch your URL inside a in app webview, Features (Launching a URL, Go to the previous link, Go to the next link, Share the current link, Refresh the current link).
A Flutter package for logging API requests and accessing it by Shaking your phone to get the RequestsInspector widget on your screen.
Lightweight Alice version. Removed additional dependencies except dio.
Http inspector / logger for Dio and Http package. This package would allow you to log every Http request, response, and error from Dio & Http.

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