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Flutter library for interacting with OAuth2 servers, with classes for transparent authorized requests, secure OAuth token storage, automatic token refeshing.
A SIP UA stack for Flutter/Dart, based on flutter-webrtc, support iOS/Android/Destkop/Web.
Video SDK Flutter to simply integrate Audio & Video Calling API or Live Video Streaming API to your app with just a few lines of code.
A framework for easily creating slash commands and text commands for Discord using the nyxx library.
Dart library for working with Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs) based on ISO 3779:2009 and World Manufacturer Identifiers (WMIs) based on ISO 3780:2009, enriched by NHTSA data.
Share social media plugin, share Line, Twitter, FB, Instagram and more!, I try develop step for step. Any suggestion please contact me.
Test utilities for working with package:test_track, including a FakeTestTrack allowing you to test your integration with TestTrack with predetermined behavior.
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