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Software analytics tool that helps developers analyse and improve software quality.
Flutter plugin for launching Android Intents. Not supported on iOS.
A Flutter plugin to use telephony features such as fetch network info, start phone calls, send and receive SMS, and listen for incoming SMS.
This plugin is used to implement a foreground service on the Android platform.
Ubuntu Yaru Style - Distinct look and feel of the Ubuntu Desktop
A tool for managing Dart & Flutter repositories with multiple packages (monorepo). Supports automated versioning via Conventional Commits. Inspired by JavaScripts Lerna package.
In App Purchase plugin for flutter. This project has been forked by react-native-iap and we are willing to share same experience with that on react-native.
A theme manager for light, dark, and system themes. Change the theme dynamically and the selected theme will be persisted.
This library provides the ability to query the device for installed email apps and open those apps
Flutter plugin for Android and iOS device authentication sensors such as Fingerprint Reader and Touch ID with no visible dialog on Android.

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