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Actively maintained, community-driven chat UI implementation with an optional Firebase BaaS.
A android & ios document scanner & auto detector plugin for flutter.
This is a package created in the style of the instagram story creator, with which you can create images with images, texts, stickers (Gifs), finger drawing.
Flutter plugin to render & show PDF pages as images on Web, MacOS, Windows, Android and iOS.
Flutter plugin that list of images from URLs allows you to display and zoomable multi image on iOS and Android.
Package to view a list of network images in different layouts depending on their number.
Show Tweets from a Twitter API JSON on Android and iOS. Support for Tweets with 1-4 photos, Video, GIFs, hashtags, mentions, symbols, urls, quoted Tweets and retweets.
An enterprise-class package of Flutter components for mobile applications.
Flutter plugin in pure Dart code for selecting/editing multiple images from the Android/iOS image library and taking new pictures with the camera in the same view.
A package for creating instagram like story, you can use this package to edit images and make it story ready by adding other contents over it like text.

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