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Flutter integration for MobX. It provides a set of Observer widgets that automatically rebuild when the tracked observables change.

A Customizable Awesome Stepper with beautiful UI to develop awesome steppers.

A control that plays video in flutter, I make the control as flexible as possible, can play a single video, video list on the page.

Code generator for MobX that adds support for annotating your code with @observable, @computed, @action and also creating Store classes.


ObserverFuture, ObserverStream and ObserverText Widget - A simple way to consume MobX Observables through widgets. You can find a sort of widgets.

Segmented State Pattern for MobX

This is a dart-json-mapper complementary package provides support for MobX Stores to persist as JSON.

A powerful state machine for MobX management, which can be used in almost any application state.

Helpers for easily mixing content in a Flutter CustomScrollView, simple as ListView & GridView.

Tabbed inferface with support for nested and resizeable panels.

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