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A full solution to local authentication: it contains authentication logic and tracks authentication-relevant data, while providing an interface for app-specific UI implementatin.
A plugin implementing the WebAuthn authenticator model for generating Public Key Credentials
this package is to implement faceID, touchID and fingerprint authentication
A wrapper that is responsible for initializing various services and utilities needed to run apps safely.
CGI Design System for Flutter
A super module using bloc and clean architecture that is common in every app such as authentication, utils, extension and common widgets.
Minfin proyektlariga mos keluvchi pin code. Sizga to'g'ri kelsa ishlating
This package provide a means to authenticate a user with biometrics and securely cache sensitive information like password and tokens
Flutter plugin for signing and managing keys on different devices.
A Bootpay bio plugin that provides payment api on Android, iOS.

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