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A fast, extra light and synchronous key-value storage written entirely in Dart
A light-weight and highly customizable SVG avatar library for Flutter apps. Provides a Customizer Widget, CircleAvatar and other utility functions that are ready-to-use.
A package that contains some default implementations of services required for a cleaner implementation of the Stacked Architecture.
An expandable Flutter widget list where each item can be expanded or collapsed simply by clicking on the header.
Fully customizable calendar package for flutter.Also supports for disabling dates, highlighting dates and displaying events inside calendar.
This package helps developers to implement cloud_firestore search in their apps.
introducing a new type in getx called RxFuture to listen to future state.
A search page built for minimal work and good performance. Enjoy.
A package that facilitates the creation of tests for applications built with GetX
This library works to provide the tools and parts needed to build your project faster, with less effort, and add code.

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