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Crypto Market is a highly customizable Flutter library that supports Coin Graph, Order Book, Order Volume, and Trade History.
For using GetX Navigation With Bindings in BottomBar.
A simple candlestick chart for flutter. Supports smooth scroll and zoom.
Vimeo and youtube player for flutter, Pod player provides customizable video player controls that support android, ios and web.
Quickly is build for faster and cleaner development. It provides lots of extension methods on Widget, String, List and Map.
A Flutter plugin for Android, iOS for playing back video on a Widget surface.
A package of widgets and utils to make flutter easy and smart.
A flutter package to show uplaoded files in a scrollable widget.
Powerfull Ex-Material UI (Material UI improvement) | all material widget with functional many helper/utils like `ExHttp, ExLog, ExAlert, ExBottomSheet, ExDialog, ExSnackbar`

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