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A flutter map plugin for displaying device current location.
Flutter Qiblah is a package that allows you to display Qiblah direction in you app with support for both Android and iOS
Google Map location picker for flutter Based on google_maps_flutter.
Place picker fully written in dart for Flutter. Comes with autocomplete suggestions and nearby locations list. Localization too.
Flutter Plugin for creating (collaborative) Augmented Reality experiences - Supports ARKit for iOS and ARCore for Android devices.
Package that provides Place search and Location picker for flutter maps with alot of cusomizations using Open Street Map
A Flutter plugin which provides 'Picking Place' using Google Maps widget. (MB version)
This is a dart package which give the best & optimized geofence background services features for both android & ios.
Flutter geofencing plugin for flutter application (android and ios).
ArLocationView is designed to used in areas with large concentration of static POIs

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