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A simple way to access state from anywhere in your application while robust and testable.

Visualize (random) selection processes with widgets like a spinning wheel of fortune or a fortune bar.

Classes that help you make use of hooks when using the stacked package

A flutter_bloc reimplementation based on flutter_hooks with the same API.

A clean & simple MVVM solution for state management using Provider package.

a widget to handle fast forward/rewind behavior by double tap and horizontal drag like a video player.

Flutter widget to show mjpeg stream from URL, mainly used by ip camera, stop itself when not on screen

A new Flutter package for displaying a keyboard for using emojis/gifs.

A few handy Flutter tools, dead simple `UriRouter` for `Uri`-based navigator or `BuildTracker` to track widget rebuilds and what caused them to rebuild.

A collection of convenient widgets and utils made by mono. Under construction now.

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