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Actively maintained, community-driven chat UI implementation with an optional Firebase BaaS.
A DropdownTextfield is a material design TextField. The DropDownButton is a widget that we can use to select one unique value or multivalue from a set of values.
Highly customizable and extendable charts library for flutter made with custom painters
Utility library for the flutter_chat_ui and flutter_firebase_chat_core libraries which contains shared type declarations.
Enables animated GridViews when updating children or when trying to reorder them by using drag and drop.
A powerful Flutter chart library, currently supporting Line Chart, Bar Chart and Pie Chart.
Easy Form State Management using BLoC pattern. Separate the Form State and Business Logic from the User Interface. Async Validation, Progress, Dynamic fields, and more.
A simple and customizable flutter package for inputting phone number in intl / international format uses Google's libphonenumber.
A Flutter implementation of DialogFlow improved. Get your chatbots ready in no time.
A powerful State Management, Dependency Injection, Reactive programming and Navigation for Flutter apps.

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