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This package allows you to draw dotted lines with Flutter. You can draw a beautiful dotted line.
A Flutter package that allows Android users to press the back-button twice to close the app.
A Flutter Geocoding plugin which provides easy geocoding and reverse-geocoding features.
A Flutter package which implements a backdrop displaying contextual and actionable content. =]
Multiple results for dart. Inspired by dartz's Either and Kotlin's sealed classes
Pacote para facilitar e agilizar a comunicação com a API via_cep e obter informações sobre CEPs e localidades de todo o Brasil
A Flutter implementation of DialogFlow improved. Get your chatbots ready in no time.
A simple implementation of an animated loading button widget for Flutter
Blazing fast, cross-platform ObjectId implementation for the dart language.
1000+ beautiful icons to use in you dream project, with all the customization Flutter provides

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