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A Flutter widget rendering static HTML and CSS as Flutter widgets.
WidgetFactory extension to render VIDEO with the chewie plugin.
A flutter package to display list of video with help of chewie and video player
Extensible collection of media viewers for preview and interactive experiences.
This extension package allows the <video> tag to be rendered using the flutter_html package
Stream Chat official Flutter SDK. Build your own chat experience using Dart and Flutter.
CometChat Flutter UI Kit is a collection of custom UI Components designed to build text , chat features in your application. The UI Kit is developed to keep developers in mind and aims to reduce deve [...]
This is a package created in the style of the instagram reels viewer, with which you can pass video url and get reels view.
The public ui library is used with the openim demo, and you can directly use it for secondary development.
UI components library and basic chat business logic for Tencent Cloud Chat service, helping you build In-APP Chat module easily.

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