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A flutter package project which contains a collection of cool and beautiful text animations.

A rich text editor supporting mobile and web (Demo App @

Superpowers for Dart. Collection of useful static extension methods.

A BDD-style widget testing library. Generates Flutter widget tests from *.feature files.

Dart extensions for translating integers to Roman numerals and Roman numeral strings to integers.

Facebook Audience Network plugin for Flutter apps. You can show Facebook Banner ads, Interstitial ads, Rewarded video ads and Native ads though this plugin.

More Dart β€” Literally. Collecting, iterating, caching, mathematics, matching, ordering, and formatting easily.

πŸ‘‰ A light-weight Emoji πŸ“¦ for Flutter with all up-to-date emojis πŸ˜„. Made from πŸ’―% β˜• with ❀️!

A package for formatting Dart strings like a format method in Python.

Clean, minimalistic and collaboration-ready rich text editor for Flutter based on Zefyr package.

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