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Easy Form State Management using BLoC pattern. Separate the Form State and Business Logic from the User Interface. Async Validation, Progress, Dynamic fields, and more.
A Subtitle Wrapper package, this subtitle wrapper package displays subtitles for a video player.
Configurable transformers for your bloc ( events. Throttle, debounce, skip, and delay with ease.
Flutter package to simplify pagination of list of items from the internet.
Extension to flutter_bloc that handles the underlying logic to filter and search list view data dynamically.
Dart package to implement forms in an easy, fast and effective way using the bloc package
BLOC wrapper over `graphql_flutter` streams with improved state handling.
Simple awesome video player with subtitle (you can load from assets, file, network, string).
A set of most common BLoC use cases build on top of flutter_bloc library.
A Flutter plugin that allows the management of taking, cropping and applying filters to an image, using the camera plugin

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