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A port of Chart.js to Dart Language.

Dart 2 incompatible

A powerful Flutter chart library, currently supporting Line Chart, Bar Chart and Pie Chart.

Syncfusion Flutter Office Chart is a library written natively in Dart for creating Office charts from scratch.

A flexible Flutter radar/spider chart with super powers. Colors and Sizes are customizable.

To display data in a width-limited component, this function will smartly help you to convert number to a certain chart length. To be simple, plain, flexible and accurate.

Two chart components for Flutter. Animated bar chart and animated calendar grid chart based on the github's one. Many properties to customize.

Basic radar chart for Flutter. This chart is intended to work out of the box, adjusting itself to the given data. The design of the chart was inspired by the Python Graph Gallery.

A scrollable time chart in Flutter. Currently supporting en, ko languages.

Charts Library for Flutter, written in Dart with Flutter. Allows to create line chart and bar chart by specifying data as a simple array.

A flutter candlesticks chart for android, ios and the web; It contains optimized animations, indicators (soon) and socket connection ability.

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