url_launcher_platform_interface 1.0.8

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A common platform interface for the url_launcher plugin.

url_launcher_platform_interface #

A common platform interface for the url_launcher plugin.

This interface allows platform-specific implementations of the url_launcher plugin, as well as the plugin itself, to ensure they are supporting the same interface.

Usage #

To implement a new platform-specific implementation of url_launcher, extend UrlLauncherPlatform with an implementation that performs the platform-specific behavior, and when you register your plugin, set the default UrlLauncherPlatform by calling UrlLauncherPlatform.instance = MyPlatformUrlLauncher().

Note on breaking changes #

Strongly prefer non-breaking changes (such as adding a method to the interface) over breaking changes for this package.

See https://flutter.cn/go/platform-interface-breaking-changes for a discussion on why a less-clean interface is preferable to a breaking change.