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Toggle Switch - A simple toggle switch widget. It can be fully customized with desired icons, width, colors, text, corner radius etc. It also maintains selection state.

2.0.1 #

  • Added vertical toggle switch option (PR 51):
    • parameter:
      • isVertical (type bool - default false)
  • Added active borders option (Partial implementation from PR 53):
    • parameter:
      • activeBorders (optional, type List
    • list with only one Border value will apply that Border to all the active switches
    • different Border values can be provided for different switches
  • Added divider margin option:
    • parameter:
      • dividerMargin (optional, type double - default 8.0)
  • Made totalSwitches parameter optional.
  • Added new changes to customTextStyles:
    • list with only one TextStyle value will apply that TextStyle to all the active switches
  • Added new changes to customWidths:
    • customWidths can now reflect widths greater than device width
    • must use horizontal scroll view to prevent overflow

1.4.0 #

  • Minor bug fix (PR 44).
    • return null when active switch is de-activated by re-tapping
  • Added changes to fix radiusStyle bug when text direction is set to TextDirection.rtl
    • parameter:
      • textDirectionRTL (optional, type bool - default false)
  • Added custom widths support
    • parameter:
      • customWidths (optional, type List

1.3.0 #

  • Added null support for initialLabelIndex (PR 39).
  • Added double tap support to de-select/de-activate active switch (PR 41):
    • parameter:
      • doubleTapDisable (optional, type bool - default false)
  • Added animation duration support:
    • parameter:
      • animationDuration (optional, type int - default 800)
  • Added package test

1.2.0 #

  • Added custom icons support:
    • parameter:
      • customIcons (optional, type List
    • customIcons will overwrite 'icons:'

1.1.0 #

  • Added custom text styles support:
    • parameter:
      • customTextStyles (optional, type List
    • text style can now be configured for individual switches
  • Added text or icon support:
    • icons parameter now accepts null value (check examples)

1.0.0+1 #

  • Added total switches support:
    • parameter:
      • totalSwitches (required, type int)
  • Labels parameter is now optional.
  • Added border color and border width support:
    • parameters:
      • borderColor (optional, type List
      • borderWidth (optional, type double)
  • Added divider color support:
    • dividerColor (optional, type Color)
  • Added gradient colors support for active backgrounds:
    • activeBgColor and activeBgColors now take an array of Color instead of just Color (check examples)
    • parameters:
      • activeBgColor (optional, type List
      • activeBgColors (optional, type List<List
  • Added animation support:
    • parameters:
      • animate (optional, type bool):
        • with just animate set to true, default curve = Curves.easeIn
      • curve (optional, type Curve):
        • animate must be set to true when using custom curve
  • Added new active switch style based on corner radius:
    • parameter:
      • radiusStyle (optional, type bool)

0.1.9 #

  • Upgraded pre 1.12 flutter embedding in Android for example project (22d04ea).
  • Enabled AndroidX support for example project (3b62b21).
  • Migrated to strict null safety (bb24959).

0.1.8 #

  • Added left and right padding.
  • Added fixes to prevent overflow:
    • max widget width is calculated based on the number of labels/switches, minWidth and max screen width.
    • resize widgets to fit if user-provided size params exceed available width.

0.1.7 #

  • Added fix to programmatically change switch index (a04d62e).
  • Added changeOnTap option to enable/disable switch (a04d62e).

0.1.6 #

  • Made color parameters optional.
  • Use default theme color if color parameter is null/not provided.
  • Added additional gitignores for package.

0.1.5 #

  • Added minHeight, fontSize, iconSize support.
  • Added text overflow support.
  • Renamed arguments to make them more specific.
  • Added usage examples in Readme.

0.1.4 #

  • Added icons support.
  • Added different active background colors support.

0.1.1 ~ 0.1.3 #

  • Readme updates.

0.1.0 #

  • First version release.
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Toggle Switch - A simple toggle switch widget. It can be fully customized with desired icons, width, colors, text, corner radius etc. It also maintains selection state.



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