pana 0.21.1+1
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Evaluate the health and quality of a Dart package

0.21.1+1 #

  • Fix release.

0.21.1 #

  • Use only dart pub get for outdated check.
  • Trim output of failed outdated process.

0.21.0 #

  • New license detection.
  • Use package:lints/core.yaml as default analysis_options.yaml override.
  • Upgraded package:analyzer to ^2.1.0 and updated deprecated code use.
  • Updated tool environemnt to use [ dart | flutter ] format instead of dartfmt.
  • Updated tool environment to use flutter pub outdated when package uses Flutter.

0.20.1 #

  • Fix issue with git root directory detection.

0.20.0 #

  • Fix SDK version parsing issue (also reading stdout for newer SDKs).
  • Summary.urlProblems lists the URLs that should be displayed differently on
    • UrlStatus is converted to a class with fields.
    • UrlChecker internal cache is removed (incl. maxCacheSize, existsInCache, markExistsInCache). Caching implementations should wrap the UrlChecker.checkUrlExists method.
    • Removed deduplicate parameter from runProc function.
    • runProc process is killed if the output is above 10 MiB (regardless of line count).

0.19.1 #

  • Upgraded dependencies: analyzer and json_serializable.
  • Report a reason when no platform is detected - still lacking more details.
  • Terminate the timeouted processes with sigkill.
  • The deduplicate parameter in runProc is no longer used and will be ignored.
  • Updated cache handlers for UrlChecker.

0.19.0 #

  • Fix null-safety classification issue with dart-ext: imports.
    • Removed methods from public API: detectLicenseInContent, detectLicenseInDir, detectLicenseInFile, getLicenseUrl, getSignals, getVersionListing, handleProcessErrors, imageExtensions, listFiles, listFocusDirs, nonAsciiRuneRatio, parseCodeProblem, prettyJson, retryProc, runProcSync (deleted), sortedJson, withTempDir, CodeProblem, PackageLocation (deleted), ToolEnvironment.activateGlobalDartdoc (deleted).

0.18.2 #

  • Fix the detection of Flutter SDK.

0.18.1 #

  • Fix null safety operator bug.

0.18.0 #

  • Limit the length of the source spans in the report.
  • Removed package list of 2.10 null-safety experiments.
  • Detect git monorepo root and copy everything from that root for local analysis.
  • Update dependencies to latest.
  • Migration to null-safety.
    • Deprecate the SCREAMING_CAPS versions of the LicenseNames constants. Use the newly introduced lowerCamelCase versions instead.
    • Removed internal models from public API (Outdated, OutdatedPackage, VersionDescriptor).

0.17.1 #

  • Use dart analyze instead of dartanalyzer.
  • bin/pana copies package content to a separate directory.

0.17.0 #

  • Relax symlink handling
  • Use streaming download and extraction.
  • Do not block analysis on too many lines from dartanalyzer.
    • Removed extractTarGz method.
    • ToolEnvironment.runAnalyzer accepts only a single directory parameter.

0.16.2 #

  • Fix symlink calculation

0.16.1 #

  • Fix tagging of asset-only packages.
  • Use package:tar instead of tar process.
  • Run dartanalyzer separately for each directory.

0.16.0 #

  • Use dart pub instead of pub.
  • Flutter SDK on CI + Flutter package in end2end test.
  • Fix: fill minimum Dart SDK range if missing.
  • Fix: use line-length option in report.
  • New options for CI: dart-sdk, exit-code-threshold.
    • Internal to dartdocFailedSection signature changed to match recent update.
    • Removed InspectOptions.analysisOptionsUri. Use analysisOptionsYaml instead. When analysisOptionsYaml is not specified, pana will load defaults from GitHub.
    • Removed InspectOptions.nullSafetySectionEnabledBeforeOptin.

0.15.4 #

  • Award points for fully null safety enabled packages.
  • Upgraded CI to use 2.12.0 SDK.
  • Enabled dependency constraints to include null-safe versions.
  • More graceful behavior when the analyzer crashes.

0.15.3 #

  • Ignore Flutter version constraint upper bounds .

0.15.2 #

  • If unsupported versions of dependencies are newer than 30 days or depend on a unreleased sdk the dependencies section will be marked as passing instead of partial.

0.15.1+1 #

  • Update version constant.

0.15.1 #

  • Fix of platform detection for executable-only packages.
  • Fix outdated dependencies check, to ignore outdated packages from pub outdated if they are allowed by the constraint, and hence, just mutually incompatible.

0.15.0+1 #

  • Does not depend on package:tar.

0.15.0 #

  • BREAKING Removed:
    • createPkgResolution
    • Summary.pkgResolution
    • PkgResolution
    • PkgDependency
    • ConstraintTypes
    • DependencyTypes
    • VersionResolutionType
    • ToolEnvironment.listPackageDirsSync
  • BREAKING ToolEnvironment.runProc and ToolEnvironment.runProcSync now take the executable as the first element of the argument list instead of as a separate argument.
  • If unsupported versions of dependencies are newer than 30 days or depend on a unreleased sdk the package will still be awarded points in the report.
  • Better timeout message for dartdoc section
  • Adjust runProc timeout/kill handler.

0.14.10 #

  • Summary.allDependencies to store the name of direct-, dev- or transient dependencies. Summary.pkgResolution will be removed in a future release.
  • Upgraded package:analyzer to 0.41.0.
  • Deprecated methods in ToolEnvironment

0.14.9 #

  • Use library import graph to determine null safety.

0.14.8 #

  • Tag packages with is:null-safe regardless whether the current SDK support.

0.14.7 #

  • Improvements to null safety section.

0.14.6+1 #

  • Fixed NPE on missing ReportStatus and do not backfill automatically.

0.14.6 #

  • Added a report section about null safety.

0.14.5 #

  • Upgraded package:analyzer and package:markdown.
  • Removed overrides in pubspec.yaml.
  • Fixed first version for null safety (#791).

0.14.4 #

  • Fix: RangeError in certain reported issues.
  • New field:

0.14.3 #

  • Classify asset-only packages as multi-platform.

0.14.2 #

  • Fix: NPE when LICENSE file is not recognized.
  • Runs dartanalyzer only once.

0.14.1 #

  • Fix: NPE in license URL checks.

0.14.0 #

  • Fix: SDK constraint check should use the tool-environment's SDK version.
  • Re-added non-ASCII character checks.
  • Fix: Malformed UTF-8 files caused markdown checks to fail.
  • Fix: Apply InspectOptions.analysisOptionsUri on new scoring.


  • bin/pana.dart CLI changes:
    • removed --report flag (it is always the default), added --verbose flag to display full JSON data
    • removed --scores flag (it is always-on by default)
    • removed --verbosity option (the output data is always the same)
  • Removed:
    • bin/bulk.dart
    • ComponentNames
    • DartFileSummary
    • DartPlatform
    • Health
    • Maintenance
    • PlatformNames
    • PlatformUse
    • Stats
    • Suggestion
    • Summary.dartFiles
    • Summary.licenses (using only a single Summary.licenseFile)
    • Summary.maintenance
    • Summary.platform
    • Summary.stats
    • Summary.suggestions
    • Verbosity

0.13.16 #

  • Clarified and fixed report summaries.
  • Fix: mailto links are no longer classified as unsecure.
  • Download URLs recognize .git when linking to a file.

0.13.15 #

  • Fix: handle new --version output from latest Dart SDK.
  • Various nit fixes to the generated report.

0.13.14 #

  • Fixed required URL checks in pubspec validation.
  • Fixed pub outdated execution - using specified package dir.
  • Various nit fixes to the generated report.
  • Fix for deciding the latest version when no version is given for a hosted package.

0.13.13 #

  • Deferred source span loading (fixes out of memory issue).

0.13.12 #

  • Updated the rendering templates of Section.summary.
  • Fixed percent calculation in documentation report.

0.13.11+1 #

  • Fixed string processing in untar error path.

0.13.11 #

  • Implemented new scoring report.
  • Improved unpacking of package archives.
  • Better path handling on Windows.

0.13.10 #

  • Trust plugins platform declaration when assigning tags.

0.13.9+1 #

  • Fixed NPE in old Flutter plugin format detection.

0.13.9 #

  • Adds a tag for null safety.
  • Adds suggestions for why tags don't apply.
  • Command line uses --source=path by default.
  • Support platform tagging of old-style flutter plugin declarations.
  • Give penality for old-style flutter plugin declarations.

0.13.8 #

  • Fix: NPE after dartanalyzer exits with a failure.

0.13.7 #

  • Fix: handle new --version output from latest Dart SDK.

0.13.6 #

  • Fix: detect Dart files on Windows
  • Fix: unescape double-backslash from files reported by dartanalyzer on Windows.
  • Fix: avoid crashing on "file://" imports.

0.13.5 #

  • Fix: when there are no libraries matching lib/*.dart, other libraries outside of lib/src/ will be recognized as top-level libraries.
  • Use repository from pubspec.yaml to resolve license URLs.
  • Example detection: is de-prioritized, Dart files take precedence.

0.13.4 #

  • InspectOptions.analysisOptionsUri to optionally control which pedantic version (or other package's) ruleset is used for analysis lints.

0.13.3 #

  • Updated tag detection for packages without a primary library.
  • Upgraded analyzer to ^0.39.0.
  • More dart:* libraries in tag detection: cli, nativewrappers, html_common.
  • Limit overall style lint penalties on health score: 25%.

0.13.2 #

  • Don't penalize packages on legacy platform detection results.

0.13.1+4 #

  • Fix the version number of pana

0.13.1+3 #

  • Allow import of platform:flutter on platform web when calculating tags.
  • Fix the finding of primary library.

0.13.1+2 #

  • More handling of degenerate cases when computing sdk, platform and runtime tags.

0.13.1+1 #

  • Handle degenerate cases when computing sdk, platform and runtime tags.

0.13.1 #

  • Compute sdk, platform and runtime tags.

0.13.0 #

  • UrlChecker follows redirects (max. 10 redirects).

  • Fix: pre-release versions are not considered when detecting outdated dependencies.

  • Detect and report sdk tags ('sdk:flutter', 'sdk:dart').

0.12.21 #

  • Upgraded dependencies: analyzer 0.38.2.

0.12.20 #

  • Updated suggestion for not supporting future stable SDKs.

  • Upgrade dependencies: analyzer to 0.37

  • Support the latest json_annotation.

  • Don't penalize outdated dependency when the package's constraint allows it, but a dependent package or SDK restricts it.

0.12.19 #

  • Fix: penalize outdated package constraints only for direct dependencies.

0.12.18 #

  • Penalize package constraints that does not support the latest published versions of their dependencies.

0.12.17 #

  • Recognize .markdown and .mdown files.
  • Recognize COPYING and UNLICENSE as license file names (or prefix).
  • Accept any extension for license files.

0.12.16 #

  • Fixed the use of pedantic rules following the new versioned pattern.

0.12.15 #

  • Fix: delete local temporary pedantic_analyis_options_[timestamp].g.yaml.

  • Upgrade dependencies: analyzer to 0.36

0.12.14 #

  • Penalty for too large readme, changelog or example.

  • Penalty for too large pubspec.yaml.

  • Display calculated health and maintenance scores when pana is called with --scores.

  • Ask for example only for packages with public libraries.

  • Deduplicate dartanalyzer output lines.

0.12.13+1 #

  • Support the latest package:analyzer.

0.12.13 #

  • Don't block platform classification on hints.

  • Apply pedantic rules without referencing package:pedantic in the inspected package's pubspec.yaml.

  • Warn about insecure (non-https) image URLs in markdown content (readme, changelog and example).

0.12.12 #

  • Link to package layout conventions in example-related suggestions.

  • Use package:pedantic as default package analysis ruleset.

  • Linear penalties for description.

  • Updated suggestion messages.

0.12.11 #

  • Maintenance score penalty for:
    • non-https URLs
    • git dependencies
    • strict parsing errors of pubspec.yaml

0.12.10 #

  • Support --line-length in command-line and in InspectOptions (pass-through to dartfmt).

  • Fix pub upgrade parsing.

  • Strict SDK constraint status:

    • sdk: any or sdk: is considered missing constraint
    • handling cases without upper bound (sdk: >1.0.0 is rejected by Dart2 latest)

0.12.9 #

  • Analysis options used in code health scoring updated:

    • removed stale options,
    • included latest Flutter-enabled lints,
    • included latest stagehand-enabled lints.
  • Upgraded to package:analyzer 0.34.1, which fixed a NPE.

  • Validating repository and issue_tracker URLs.

0.12.8 #

  • Code cleanup.

  • Reduce the amount of warning+ level log messages when tools fail.

  • Handle package with bad pubspec.yaml.

0.12.7 #

  • Reduce the amount of logging when dartfmt fails due to an issue in the package.

  • Display Dart SDK warning if package doesn't allow the latest Dart 2.X version.

0.12.6 #

  • Bulk processing and comparison.

  • Penalty for description using too many non-ASCII characters.

  • Use --dry-run on executing flutter format.

  • Retry the external process on downloading and listing packages.

  • Use Flutter's internal Dart SDK to run dartanalyzer on Flutter packages.

0.12.5 #

  • Increase the severity of missing SDK constraint.

  • Make example/ the first-level example-file candidate.

  • Scores values should be consistently in the [0.0-1.0] range.

0.12.4 #

  • Documented how scoring works.

  • Estimate health score penalties.

0.12.3 #

  • Increased dartfmt timeout to 5 minutes.

  • Store basic stats in the analysis summary.

  • Detect example/ (or similar pattern) as an alternative to single .dart example.

0.12.2 #

  • Bugfix: pre-v1 release should be pre-v0.1 instead.

0.12.1 #

  • Bugfix: packages without Dart files failed the health checks.

0.12.0 #

Breaking changes:

  • Named parameters in the following constructors: Summary, DartFileSummary, PkgDependency, CodeProblem.

  • Removed per-file and overall Fitness, using a top-level Health report instead. Follows the proposed changes that allow us to clearly communicate the scoring mechanism.

  • Removed Penalty and using the simpler to understand score in place of it.


  • Use flutter format for Flutter packages.

  • Support relative local path with --source path.

  • Track tool failures and set health score to 0 if there is any.

0.11.8 #

  • Support Dart 2 gold release.

  • Remove strong-mode: true check and suggestion.

  • Do not check existence of non-external URLs.

  • API for external caching of URL existence checks.

0.11.7 #

  • Suggestions for SDK constraint and Dart 2 compatibility.

0.11.6 #

  • Updated report on dartanalyzer suggestions.

0.11.5 #

  • Less verbose logging.

  • Updated platform classification:

    • Library conflict rule is moved to the end of the evaluation.
    • Top file-related suggestions are directly exposed.
    • The bulk summary suggestion is more compact.
  • Updated suggestion messages.

0.11.4 #

  • Export libraries used by pub site.

  • Update minimum SDK to 2.0.0-dev.42.0

    • The SDK was effectively restricted to at least this version due to other dependencies.
  • Better expose platform conflict reasons.

0.11.3 #

  • Support changing part of the analysis result.

  • Fix dartdoc timeout when using pub global run.

0.11.2 #

  • dartdoc processing: do not exclude packages by default, as dartdoc 0.19 handles SDK links.

  • expose getAgeSuggestion method for pub site

  • Update analyzer dependency to ^0.32.0.

0.11.1 #

  • Upgrade CI to dev.54 and fix new deprecation warnings.

  • Bugfix: do not initialize dartdocSuccessful with a value.

  • Support --flutter-sdk in the pana binary.

0.11.0 #

Breaking changes:

  • DartSdk, FlutterSdk and PubEnvironment is replaced with ToolEnvironment.

  • ToolEnvironment.runAnalyzer returns the text output of the process.

  • Consolidating options in InspectOptions, changing PackageAnalyzer APIs.

  • Move all output-related data structure to src/model.dart:

    • CodeProblem.parse -> parseCodeProblem
    • Maintenance.getMaintenanceScore -> getMaintenanceScore
    • PkgResolution.create -> createPkgResolution
  • Move all runtime/version info into PanaRuntimeInfo (and use it in Summary).

  • Removed Fitness.suggestions (moved it to DartFileSummary)


  • Run dartdoc (optional) and report if it was not able to complete successfully.

  • Added a top-level models.dart library exposing several of the data classes.

  • Check homepage and documentation properties to point to an existing and external web page.

  • --verbose command-line and Verbosity option to control the details in the analysis output.

0.10.6 #

  • Enable Dart 2 Preview in analyzer options (including non-Flutter packages).

  • Change platform classification of dart:isolate: no longer available on web.

  • Treat environment: keys as dependent SDKs (e.g. flutter).

  • Use LibraryElement.hasExtUri to detect dart-ext: imports.

  • Detailed suggestion messages when package has conflicting platforms.

0.10.5 #

  • Enable Dart 2 Preview in Flutter analyzer options.

0.10.4 #

  • Fix CI test

  • Flutter-specific suggestion messages for dartfmt and dartanalyzer.

0.10.3 #

  • Fix end-to-end test (package dependency changed).

  • Move pubspec stripping inside PubEnvironment.runUpgrade (dartdoc service will get it for free).

  • Handle more repository URLs (e.g.

  • Expose Flutter detection to clients, with better naming (isFlutter -> usesFlutter).

0.10.2 #

  • Fix issue of not using the PUB_CACHE directory when it was set.

  • Update analyzer to 0.31 and extends quiver version range.

  • Fix issue where we were not passing the proper package directory variable.

  • Expose all dartanalyzer and dartfmt problems as suggestions.

0.10.1 #

  • Include component list in platform classification reasons.

  • Do not report on unconstrained SDK dependencies.

  • New platform component: build.

  • Remove dependency_overrides from pubspec.yaml.

0.10.0 #


  • Removed DartPlatform.description and DartPlatform.descriptionAndReason because we don't use them elsewhere and complicates the PlatformNames with everywhere and undefined.

  • Removed PlatformNames.everywhere and PlatformNames.undefined, because we don't print these anywhere except in tests.

  • Removed PlatformNames.dartExtension, because we use it only internally.

  • Removed DartPlatform.restrictedTo, using the fields components and uses instead.

  • Removed PlatformNames.server (and its platform detection), using a wider other platform instead.

0.9.1 #

  • Use raw links for images in repository URLs.

  • Move unconstrained version penalty from health score to maintenance.

  • Move platform conflict penalty from health score to maintenance.

  • Sort maintenance suggestions in decreasing importance.

0.9.0+1 #

  • Fix NPE when dependency has no constraint (e.g. git repo).

0.9.0 #

  • Only direct unconstrained dependencies decrease the health score.

  • Removed superfluous pubspec.lock validation.

  • Recommend descriptions between 60 and 180 characters.

  • Detect another license format

  • Pass-through values of analyzer_options.yaml errors like uri_has_not_been_generated.

0.8.2 #

  • Unblock platform classification on a new class of errors.

  • Better messages in platform classification.

0.8.1 #

  • Use Flutter-recommended analysis options when analyzer Flutter packages.

  • BREAKING BEHAVIOR: Don't use PUB_HOSTED_URL for package downloads, as it has not worked out in practice. Instead, we've added a --hosted-url command line argument.

0.8.0 #

  • PackageAnalyzer.inspectPackage added a named argument deleteTemporaryDirectory. Setting this to false retains the directory and prints its location to the log. Useful for debugging.

  • Maintenance

    • BREAKING getMaintenanceScore now takes an optional age parameter replacing the previously required publishDate parameter.

    • Changed the meaning of version fields:

      • isExperimentalVersion now means pre-V1.
      • isPreReleaseVersion now means there is a pre-release flag like -beta, -alpha, etc.
    • BREAKING maintenance-related Suggestion entries as moved to Maintenance.suggestions

  • BREAKING Suggestion.file is now String instead of dynamic.

  • Detect the new format of native extensions.

  • Unblock platform classification on a new class of errors.

  • Use PUB_HOSTED_URL for package downloads.

0.7.3+1 #

  • Allow more versions of package:args.

0.7.3 #

  • Added pana as an executable. Enables pub global activate pana.

  • Improved license detection: commented license files are now recognized.

0.7.2 #

  • Handle more critical exceptions and report them with more details.

  • The Suggestion.bug constructor had a breaking change – a required argument was added, but this is not intended for invocation by end-users.

0.7.1 #

  • Add SuggestionLevel.bug and use it to record fatal errors with the tool.

0.7.0+1 #

  • Fixed issue where analyzer and/or formatter were run on directories with no Dart files.

0.7.0 #

  • Breaking changes

    • Summary.sdkVersion is now a Version instead of String.

    • new PackageAnalyzer(...) now takes a DartSdk instance instead of a String.

  • static Future<PackageAnalyzer> create(...) was added to PackageAnalyzer.

  • Added logger optional argument to PackageAnalyzer.inspectPackage.

0.6.2 #

  • Allow platform classification for a small class of analysis errors.

0.6.1 #

  • Don't count the absence of an analysis_options.yaml file against a package.

0.6.0 #

  • Breaking changes

    • Removed ToolProblem class.
    • Removed Summary.toolProblems, in favor of Summary.suggestions.
  • Detect and store maintenance-related data in summary.

    • Scoring of tool problems moved from Fitness to Maintenance.
  • Provide human-readable feedback and instructions on some of the issues we find during the analysis.

0.5.1 #

  • Use a consistent 2 minute timeout for all processes.

  • Classify platform as nowhere when part of analysis fails.

0.5.0 #

  • Breaking changes

    • License renamed to LicenseFile
    • Summary.license -> licenses: we'll return multiple licenses
    • Removed LicenseNames.missing: empty List will indicate no license file
  • Greatly expanded and improved license detection.

0.4.0 #

  • Breaking changes

    • Renamed AnalyzerIssue -> ToolProblem

      • Renamed Summary.issues -> toolProblems
      • Renamed AnalyzerIssue.scope -> tool
      • Renamed AnalyzerScopes -> ToolNames
    • Renamed AnalyzerOutput -> CodeProblem

      • Renamed Summary.analyzerItems and DartFileSummary.analyzerItems -> codeProblems
    • Refactored CodeProblem (previously AnalyzerOutput):

      • Split up type, new fields: severity, errorType, errorCode
      • Renamed error to description
    • Refactored Fitness:

      • Renamed total -> magnitude
      • Removed value, using shortcoming instead (value = magnitude - shortcoming;)
    • Refactored PubSummary, renamed to PkgResolution

      • Moved pubspec -> Summary
      • Moved pkgVersion -> Pubspec.version
      • Moved authors -> Pubspec.authors
      • Merged packageVersions and availableVersions into dependencies
      • Renamed Summary.pubSummary -> pkgResolution
    • Refactored platform:

      • Renamed PlatformFlags -> PlatformNames
      • Removed most of the platform-related classes, using DartPlatform instead

0.3.0 #

  • Removed PlatformSummary.package in favor of PlatformSummary.pubspec of (new) type PubspecPlatform.

  • Renamed KnownPlatforms to PlatformFlags. Also:

    • Removed mirrors, browser and standalone.
    • Renamed native to dartExtension.
  • PlatformInfo

    • Now store dart:* references directly in uses.
    • worksInStandalone renamed to worksOnServer.
    • Other .worksIn* renamed to worksOn*.
    • Added String get description which returns a simple String description of the supported platforms. Examples: everywhere, flutter, server, web, conflict.
    • Removed angular as a value in uses.

0.2.4 #

  • Detect native extensions.

  • Detect licenses.

0.2.3 #

  • Lot's of stability improvements.

  • Improvements to error handling.

0.2.2 #

  • Lot's of cleanup to JSON output.

  • Improved stability.

  • Platform detection basics.

0.2.1 #

  • Added support for flutter packages.

  • Expanded analysis to include transitive dependencies.

  • Added scoring library.

  • Moved the repo to dart-lang.

0.2.0 #

  • A lot of tweaks. Still under heavy development.

0.0.1 #

  • Initial version.