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More Dart — Literally. Collecting, iterating, caching, mathematics, matching, ordering, and formatting easily.

More Dart — Literally #

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Various extensions that make Dart a better place:

  • cache.dart is a collection of different caching strategies and their expiry policy.
  • char_matcher.dart is a model for character classes, their composition and operations on strings.
  • collection.dart is a collection of collection types: bi-map, bit-list, multi-set, set and list multi-map, range, and string.
  • iterable.dart is a collection of iterables and iterators.
  • math.dart is a collection of common mathematical functions.
  • number.dart provides fractional, complex and quaternion arithmetic.
  • ordering.dart a fluent interface for building comparator functions.
  • printer.dart a fluent interface for configuring sophisticated formatter.
  • tuple.dart a generic sequence of typed values.

And there are more to come ...

This library is open source, stable and well tested. Development happens on GitHub. Feel free to report issues or create a pull-request there. General questions are best asked on StackOverflow.

The package is hosted on dart packages. Up-to-date class documentation is created with every release.

Misc #

Installation #

Follow the installation instructions on dart packages.

Import one or more of the packages into your Dart code using:

import 'package:more/cache.dart';
import 'package:more/char_matcher.dart';
import 'package:more/collection.dart';
import 'package:more/hash.dart';
import 'package:more/iterable.dart';
import 'package:more/math.dart';
import 'package:more/number.dart';
import 'package:more/ordering.dart';
import 'package:more/printer.dart';
import 'package:more/tuple.dart';

Contributing #

The goal of the library is to provide a loose collection of carefully curated utilities that are not provided by the Dart standard library. All features must be well tested. New features must have significant advantages over alternatives, such as code reduction, readability improvement, speed increase, memory reduction, or improved accuracy. In case of doubt, consider filing a feature request before filing a pull request.

History #

This library started in April 2013 as I was working through the puzzles of Project Euler and encountered some missing features in Dart. Over time the library grew and became more useful in many other places, so I created this reusable library.

Some parts of this library are inspired by similar APIs in Google Guava (Google core libraries for Java) and Apache Commons (a repository of reusable Java components).

License #

The MIT License, see LICENSE.

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More Dart — Literally. Collecting, iterating, caching, mathematics, matching, ordering, and formatting easily.

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