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Auto-generated client libraries for accessing Google APIs described through the API discovery service.

Generated Dart libraries for accessing Google APIs.

To use these APIs from Flutter, see the Flutter Google APIs documentation.

For example of using these APIs from a Dart console example see the example in this package. For an example of usage in a server application, see this example.

Available Google APIs #

The following is a list of APIs that are currently available inside this package.

Ad Exchange Buyer API II - adexchangebuyer2.v2beta1

Accesses the latest features for managing Authorized Buyers accounts, Real-Time Bidding configurations and auction metrics, and Marketplace programmatic deals.

Google Workspace Alert Center API - alertcenter.v1beta1

Manages alerts on issues affecting your domain.

Google Analytics Admin API - analyticsadmin.v1alpha

Google Analytics Data API - analyticsdata.v1beta

Accesses report data in Google Analytics.

Area120 Tables API - area120tables.v1alpha1

BigQuery Connection API - bigqueryconnection.v1beta1

Allows users to manage BigQuery connections to external data sources.

Error Reporting API - clouderrorreporting.v1beta1

Groups and counts similar errors from cloud services and applications, reports new errors, and provides access to error groups and their associated errors.

Container Analysis API - containeranalysis.v1beta1

An implementation of the Grafeas API, which stores, and enables querying and retrieval of critical metadata about all of your software artifacts.

Google Cloud Data Catalog API - datacatalog.v1beta1

A fully managed and highly scalable data discovery and metadata management service.

Dataflow API - dataflow.v1b3

Manages Google Cloud Dataflow projects on Google Cloud Platform.

Data Labeling API - datalabeling.v1beta1

Public API for Google Cloud AI Data Labeling Service.

Cloud Document AI API - documentai.v1beta3

Service to parse structured information from unstructured or semi-structured documents using state-of-the-art Google AI such as natural language, computer vision, translation, and AutoML.

Cloud Domains API - domains.v1beta1

Enables management and configuration of domain names.

Fact Check Tools API - factchecktools.v1alpha1

Firebase Management API - firebase.v1beta1

The Firebase Management API enables programmatic setup and management of Firebase projects, including a project's Firebase resources and Firebase apps.

Firebase App Check API - firebaseappcheck.v1beta

App Check works alongside other Firebase services to help protect your backend resources from abuse, such as billing fraud or phishing. With App Check, devices running your app will use an app or device attestation provider that attests to one or both of the following: * Requests originate from your authentic app * Requests originate from an authentic, untampered device This attestation is attached to every request your app makes to your Firebase backend resources. The Firebase App Check REST API allows you to manage your App Check configurations programmatically. It also allows you to exchange attestation material for App Check tokens directly without using a Firebase SDK. Finally, it allows you to obtain the public key set necessary to validate an App Check token yourself. Learn more about App Check.

Firebase Realtime Database Management API - firebasedatabase.v1beta

The Firebase Realtime Database Management API enables programmatic provisioning and management of Realtime Database instances.

Cloud Storage for Firebase API - firebasestorage.v1beta

The Cloud Storage for Firebase API enables programmatic management of Cloud Storage buckets for use in Firebase projects

Cloud Life Sciences API - lifesciences.v2beta

Cloud Life Sciences is a suite of services and tools for managing, processing, and transforming life sciences data.

Dataproc Metastore API - metastore.v1beta

The Dataproc Metastore API is used to manage the lifecycle and configuration of metastore services.

Network Connectivity API - networkconnectivity.v1alpha1

The Network Connectivity API provides access to Network Connectivity Center.

Network Security API - networksecurity.v1beta1

On-Demand Scanning API - ondemandscanning.v1beta1

A service to scan container images for vulnerabilities.

OS Config API - osconfig.v1alpha

OS management tools that can be used for patch management, patch compliance, and configuration management on VM instances.

Policy Simulator API - policysimulator.v1beta1

Policy Simulator is a collection of endpoints for creating, running, and viewing a Replay. A Replay is a type of simulation that lets you see how your members' access to resources might change if you changed your IAM policy. During a Replay, Policy Simulator re-evaluates, or replays, past access attempts under both the current policy and your proposed policy, and compares those results to determine how your members' access might change under the proposed policy.

Certificate Authority API - privateca.v1beta1

The Certificate Authority Service API is a highly-available, scalable service that enables you to simplify and automate the management of private certificate authorities (CAs) while staying in control of your private keys."

SAS Portal API (Testing) - prod_tt_sasportal.v1alpha1

Recommendations AI (Beta) - recommendationengine.v1beta1

Note that we now highly recommend new customers to use Retail API, which incorporates the GA version of the Recommendations AI funtionalities. To enable Retail API, please visit The Recommendations AI service enables customers to build end-to-end personalized recommendation systems without requiring a high level of expertise in machine learning, recommendation system, or Google Cloud.

SAS Portal API - sasportal.v1alpha1

Cloud SQL Admin API - sqladmin.v1beta4

API for Cloud SQL database instance management

Cloud Tool Results API - toolresults.v1beta3

API to publish and access results from developer tools.

Transcoder API - transcoder.v1beta1

This API converts video files into formats suitable for consumer distribution.

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Auto-generated client libraries for accessing Google APIs described through the API discovery service.

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