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This package provides the lints according to the Effective Dart guide.

effective_dart #

pub package License: MIT

This package provides links that attempt to comply with all Effective Dart guide rules.

Be consistent. Be brief.

Note: This package is inspired by the pedantic package, which contains lints internally used at Google.

Using the Lints #

To use the lints add a dev dependency in your pubspec.yaml:

  effective_dart: ^1.1.0

Then add an include in your analysis_options.yaml file:

include: package:effective_dart/analysis_options.yaml

You can always specify a specific version instead:

include: package:effective_dart/analysis_options.1.1.0.yaml

Unused Lints #

Following lints have been considered and will not be enforced by this package:

  • lines_longer_than_80_chars might be practical not to follow for many people
  • unnecessary_getters has been disabled
  • comment_references is way too restrictive and comment references are handled in different ways in tools (see this issue)

Badge #

Show the world you're following the Effective Dart guide → style: effective dart

[![style: effective dart](https://img.shields.io/badge/style-effective_dart-40c4ff.svg)](https://github.com/tenhobi/effective_dart)

License #

Licensed under the MIT License.

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This package provides the lints according to the Effective Dart guide.

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