rx_transformers library


Creates an Observable where each item is a List containing the items from the source sequence, batched by the sampler. [...]
Transforms a Stream so that will only emit items from the source sequence if a particular time span has passed without the source sequence emitting another item. [...]
Emit items from the source Stream, or a single default item if the source Stream emits nothing. [...]
The Delay operator modifies its source Observable by pausing for a particular increment of time (that you specify) before emitting each of the source Observable’s items. This has the effect of shifting the entire sequence of items emitted by the Observable forward in time by that specified increment. [...]
Converts the onData, onDone, and onError Notification objects from a materialized stream into normal onData, onDone, and onError events. [...]
Create an Observable which implements a HashSet under the hood, using the provided equals as equality. [...]
Invokes the given callback at the corresponding point the the stream lifecycle. For example, if you pass in an onDone callback, it will be invoked when the stream finishes emitting items. [...]
ExhaustMapStreamTransformer<T, S>
Converts items from the source stream into a new Stream using a given mapper. It ignores all items from the source stream until the new stream completes. [...]
FlatMapLatestStreamTransformer<T, S>
Deprecated: Use SwitchMapStreamTransformer. [...]
FlatMapStreamTransformer<T, S>
Converts each emitted item into a new Stream using the given mapper function. The newly created Stream will be be listened to and begin emitting items downstream. [...]
GroupByObservable<T, S>
GroupByStreamTransformer<T, S>
The GroupBy operator divides an Observable that emits items into an Observable that emits GroupByObservable, each one of which emits some subset of the items from the original source Observable. [...]
Creates an Observable where all emitted items are ignored, only the error / completed notifications are passed [...]
Creates a Stream that emits each item in the Stream after a given duration. [...]
MapToStreamTransformer<S, T>
Emits the given constant value on the output Observable every time the source Observable emits a value. [...]
Converts the onData, on Done, and onError events into Notification objects that are passed into the downstream onData listener. [...]
A class that encapsulates the Kind of event, value of the event in case of onData, or the Error in the case of onError. A container object that wraps the Kind of event (OnData, OnDone, OnError), and the item or error that was emitted. In the case of onDone, no data is emitted as part of the Notification.
OfTypeStreamTransformer<T, S>
Filters a sequence so that only events of a given type pass [...]
Deprecated: Please use OnErrorResumeStreamTransformer. [...]
Intercepts error events and switches to a recovery stream created by the provided recoveryFn function. [...]
A StreamTransformer that, when the specified sample stream emits an item or completes, emits the most recently emitted item (if any) emitted by the source stream since the previous emission from the sample stream. [...]
ScanStreamTransformer<T, S>
Applies an accumulator function over an observable sequence and returns each intermediate result. The optional seed value is used as the initial accumulator value. [...]
SkipUntilStreamTransformer<T, S>
Starts emitting items only after the given stream emits an item. [...]
Prepends a sequence of values to the source Stream. [...]
Prepends a value to the source Stream. [...]
When the original observable emits no items, this operator subscribes to the given fallback stream and emits items from that observable instead. [...]
SwitchMapStreamTransformer<T, S>
Converts each emitted item into a new Stream using the given mapper function. The newly created Stream will be be listened to and begin emitting items, and any previously created Stream will stop emitting. [...]
TakeUntilStreamTransformer<T, S>
Returns the values from the source observable sequence until the other stream sequence produces a value. [...]
A StreamTransformer that emits only the first item emitted by the source Stream during sequential time windows of a specified duration. [...]
Records the time interval between consecutive values in an observable sequence. [...]
Wraps each item emitted by the source Observable in a Timestamped object that includes the emitted item and the time when the item was emitted. [...]
A class that captures the Type to filter down to using ofType or cast. [...]
Creates an Observable where each item is a Stream containing the items from the source sequence, batched by the sampler. [...]
WithLatestFromStreamTransformer<T, S, R>
A StreamTransformer that emits when the source stream emits, combining the latest values from the two streams using the provided function. [...]


kBool → const TypeToken<bool>
Filter the observable to only Booleans
const TypeToken<bool>()
kDouble → const TypeToken<double>
Filter the observable to only Doubles
const TypeToken<double>()
kInt → const TypeToken<int>
Filter the observable to only Integers
const TypeToken<int>()
kNum → const TypeToken<num>
Filter the observable to only Numbers
const TypeToken<num>()
kString → const TypeToken<String>
Filter the observable to only Strings
const TypeToken<String>()
kSymbol → const TypeToken<Symbol>
Filter the observable to only Symbols
const TypeToken<Symbol>()


The type of event


FutureFunc() → Future
VoidFunc() → void