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Flutter plugin that lets you show a system review pop up where users can leave a review for your app without needing to leave it. Alternatively you can open your store listing via a deep link.

Uses the In-App Review API on Android and the SKStoreReviewController on iOS/MacOS


Use the following code to attempt to display the system review pop up. Beware that this does not guarantee that the pop up will be displayed as the quota may have been exceeded. On IOS & MacOS, this quota is three times in a 365 day period. On Android it is unclear:

import 'package:in_app_review/in_app_review.dart';

final InAppReview inAppReview = InAppReview.instance;

if (await inAppReview.isAvailable()) {

Use the following code to open the Google Play Store on Android, the App Store on IOS & MacOS or the Microsoft Store on Windows. This is the recommended option if you want to permanently provide a button or other call-to-action to let users leave a review.

import 'package:in_app_review/in_app_review.dart';

final InAppReview inAppReview = InAppReview.instance;

inAppReview.openStoreListing(appStoreId: '...', microsoftStoreId: '...');

appStoreId is only required on IOS and MacOS and can be found in App Store Connect under General > App Information > Apple ID.

microsoftStoreId is only required on Windows.


Since there is a quota on how many times the pop up can be shown, you should not trigger requestReview() via a button or other call-to-action option. Instead, you can reliably redirect users to your store listing via openStoreListing().



You must upload your app to the Play Store to test requestReview(). An easy way to do this is to build an apk/app bundle and upload it via internal app sharing.

More details at


requestReview() can be tested via the IOS simulator or on a physical device. Note that requestReview() has no effect when testing via TestFlight as documented.

openStoreListing() can only be tested with a physical device as the IOS simulator does not have the App Store installed.


This plugin can be tested by running your MacOS application locally.

Cross Platform Compatibility


Upvote if you're interested in Windows support!



Requires Android 5 Lollipop(API 21) or higher and the Google Play Store must be installed.


Requires IOS version 10.3


Requires MacOS version 10.14

Issues & pull requests are more than welcome!