GooglePrivacyDlpV2FixedSizeBucketingConfig class Null safety

Buckets values based on fixed size ranges.

The Bucketing transformation can provide all of this functionality, but requires more configuration. This message is provided as a convenience to the user for simple bucketing strategies. The transformed value will be a hyphenated string of {lower_bound}-{upper_bound}. For example, if lower_bound = 10 and upper_bound = 20, all values that are within this bucket will be replaced with "10-20". This can be used on data of type: double, long. If the bound Value type differs from the type of data being transformed, we will first attempt converting the type of the data to be transformed to match the type of the bound before comparing. See to learn more.


GooglePrivacyDlpV2FixedSizeBucketingConfig({double? bucketSize, GooglePrivacyDlpV2Value? lowerBound, GooglePrivacyDlpV2Value? upperBound})
GooglePrivacyDlpV2FixedSizeBucketingConfig.fromJson(Map json_)


bucketSize double?
Size of each bucket (except for minimum and maximum buckets).
read / write
hashCode int
The hash code for this object.
lowerBound GooglePrivacyDlpV2Value?
Lower bound value of buckets.
read / write
runtimeType Type
A representation of the runtime type of the object.
upperBound GooglePrivacyDlpV2Value?
Upper bound value of buckets.
read / write


noSuchMethod(Invocation invocation) → dynamic
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toJson() Map<String, dynamic>
toString() String
A string representation of this object.


operator ==(Object other) bool
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