CustomersReportsResource class Null safety


CustomersReportsResource(ApiRequester client)


hashCode int
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runtimeType Type
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countChromeDevicesReachingAutoExpirationDate(String customer, {String? maxAueDate, String? minAueDate, String? orgUnitId, String? $fields}) Future<GoogleChromeManagementV1CountChromeDevicesReachingAutoExpirationDateResponse>
Generate report of the number of devices expiring in each month of the selected time frame.
countChromeDevicesThatNeedAttention(String customer, {String? orgUnitId, String? readMask, String? $fields}) Future<GoogleChromeManagementV1CountChromeDevicesThatNeedAttentionResponse>
Counts of ChromeOS devices that have not synced policies or have lacked user activity in the past 28 days, are out of date, or are not complaint.
countChromeVersions(String customer, {String? filter, String? orgUnitId, int? pageSize, String? pageToken, String? $fields}) Future<GoogleChromeManagementV1CountChromeVersionsResponse>
Generate report of installed Chrome versions.
countInstalledApps(String customer, {String? filter, String? orderBy, String? orgUnitId, int? pageSize, String? pageToken, String? $fields}) Future<GoogleChromeManagementV1CountInstalledAppsResponse>
Generate report of app installations.
findInstalledAppDevices(String customer, {String? appId, String? appType, String? filter, String? orderBy, String? orgUnitId, int? pageSize, String? pageToken, String? $fields}) Future<GoogleChromeManagementV1FindInstalledAppDevicesResponse>
Generate report of devices that have a specified app installed.
noSuchMethod(Invocation invocation) → dynamic
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toString() String
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operator ==(Object other) bool
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