EnterprisesResource class Null safety


EnterprisesResource(ApiRequester client)


hashCode int
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acknowledgeNotificationSet({String? notificationSetId, String? $fields}) Future<void>
Acknowledges notifications that were received from Enterprises.PullNotificationSet to prevent subsequent calls from returning the same notifications.
completeSignup({String? completionToken, String? enterpriseToken, String? $fields}) Future<Enterprise>
Completes the signup flow, by specifying the Completion token and Enterprise token.
createEnrollmentToken(String enterpriseId, {String? deviceType, String? $fields}) Future<CreateEnrollmentTokenResponse>
Returns a token for device enrollment.
createWebToken(AdministratorWebTokenSpec request, String enterpriseId, {String? $fields}) Future<AdministratorWebToken>
Returns a unique token to access an embeddable UI.
enroll(Enterprise request, String token, {String? $fields}) Future<Enterprise>
Enrolls an enterprise with the calling EMM.
generateSignupUrl({String? callbackUrl, String? $fields}) Future<SignupInfo>
Generates a sign-up URL.
get(String enterpriseId, {String? $fields}) Future<Enterprise>
Retrieves the name and domain of an enterprise.
getServiceAccount(String enterpriseId, {String? keyType, String? $fields}) Future<ServiceAccount>
Returns a service account and credentials.
getStoreLayout(String enterpriseId, {String? $fields}) Future<StoreLayout>
Returns the store layout for the enterprise.
list(String domain, {String? $fields}) Future<EnterprisesListResponse>
Looks up an enterprise by domain name.
noSuchMethod(Invocation invocation) → dynamic
Invoked when a non-existent method or property is accessed.
pullNotificationSet({String? requestMode, String? $fields}) Future<NotificationSet>
Pulls and returns a notification set for the enterprises associated with the service account authenticated for the request.
sendTestPushNotification(String enterpriseId, {String? $fields}) Future<EnterprisesSendTestPushNotificationResponse>
Sends a test notification to validate the EMM integration with the Google Cloud Pub/Sub service for this enterprise.
setAccount(EnterpriseAccount request, String enterpriseId, {String? $fields}) Future<EnterpriseAccount>
Sets the account that will be used to authenticate to the API as the enterprise.
setStoreLayout(StoreLayout request, String enterpriseId, {String? $fields}) Future<StoreLayout>
Sets the store layout for the enterprise.
toString() String
A string representation of this object.
unenroll(String enterpriseId, {String? $fields}) Future<void>
Unenrolls an enterprise from the calling EMM.


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