useAnimationController function

AnimationController useAnimationController (
  1. {Duration duration,
  2. String debugLabel,
  3. double initialValue: 0,
  4. double lowerBound: 0,
  5. double upperBound: 1,
  6. TickerProvider vsync,
  7. AnimationBehavior animationBehavior: AnimationBehavior.normal,
  8. List<Object> keys}

Creates an AnimationController automatically disposed.

If no vsync is provided, the TickerProvider is implicitly obtained using useSingleTickerProvider. If a vsync is specified, changing the instance of vsync will result in a call to AnimationController.resync. It is not possible to switch between implicit and explicit vsync.

Changing the duration parameter automatically updates AnimationController.duration.

initialValue, lowerBound, upperBound and debugLabel are ignored after the first call.

See also:


AnimationController useAnimationController({
  Duration duration,
  String debugLabel,
  double initialValue = 0,
  double lowerBound = 0,
  double upperBound = 1,
  TickerProvider vsync,
  AnimationBehavior animationBehavior = AnimationBehavior.normal,
  List<Object> keys,
}) {
  vsync ??= useSingleTickerProvider(keys: keys);

  return use(
      duration: duration,
      debugLabel: debugLabel,
      initialValue: initialValue,
      lowerBound: lowerBound,
      upperBound: upperBound,
      vsync: vsync,
      animationBehavior: animationBehavior,
      keys: keys,