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In your pubspec.yaml

  badges: ^3.0.2

Attention! In Flutter 3.7 the Badge widget was introduced in the Material library, so to escape the ambiguous imports you need to import the package like this:

import 'package:badges/badges.dart' as badges;

and then use the "badges.Badge" widget instead of the "Badge" widget. The same for all the classes from this package.

Basic Usage:

      badgeContent: Text('3'),
      child: Icon(Icons.settings),

Advanced usage

      position: badges.BadgePosition.topEnd(top: -10, end: -12),
      showBadge: true,
      ignorePointer: false,
      onTap: () {},
          Icon(Icons.check, color: Colors.white, size: 10),
      badgeAnimation: badges.BadgeAnimation.rotation(
        animationDuration: Duration(seconds: 1),
        colorChangeAnimationDuration: Duration(seconds: 1),
        loopAnimation: false,
        curve: Curves.fastOutSlowIn,
        colorChangeAnimationCurve: Curves.easeInCubic,
      badgeStyle: badges.BadgeStyle(
        shape: badges.BadgeShape.square,
        padding: EdgeInsets.all(5),
        borderRadius: BorderRadius.circular(4),
        borderSide: BorderSide(color: Colors.white, width: 2),
        borderGradient: badges.BadgeGradient.linear(
            colors: [,]),
        badgeGradient: badges.BadgeGradient.linear(
            colors: [, Colors.yellow],
            begin: Alignment.topCenter,
            end: Alignment.bottomCenter,
        elevation: 0,
      child: Text('Badge'),


From left to right:
1) Color change animation 2) BadgeAnimation.slide 3) BadgeAnimation.fade 4) BadgeAnimation.scale 5) BadgeAnimation.size 6) BadgeAnimation.rotation
Also, loop animation is available, this will loop the animation until you stop it.


From left to right:
1) 2) BadgeShape.square 3) BadgeShape.twitter 4) BadgeShape.instagram

Migration from Badges 2:

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