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A collection of utilities to transform and manipulate streams.

A library for generating fake data. faker is heavily inspired by the Python package faker and, the Ruby package ffaker.

A Dart mock library which simplifies mocking with null safety support and no manual mocks or code generation.

A fluent, builder-based library for generating valid Dart code

Simple library for generating random ascii strings by default using Random from 'dart:math'.

Superpowers for Dart. Collection of useful static extension methods.

A unified form representation in Dart which aims to simplify form representation and validation in a generic way.

A small library for un-escaping HTML. Supports all Named Character References, Decimal Character References and Hexadecimal Character References.

Utility for wrapping an asynchronous function in automatic retry logic with exponential back-off, useful when making requests over network.

A free and unlimited Google Translate API for Dart. You can use it for translate strings and text for educational purpose.

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